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Indigenous Australian art - Michael Riley. Two museums that solely exhibit Australian Aboriginal art are the Museum of Contemporary Aboriginal Art (AMU), in Utrecht, The Netherlands
Utrecht Museum Night - Universiteitsmuseum Dick Brunahuis/Centraal Museum Nationaal Museum van Speelklok tot Pierement Aboriginal Art Museum Museum Catharijneconvent Geldmuseum
Utrecht - Aboriginal Art Museum [nl], located at the Oudegracht and closed since 15 June 2017, this museum had a small exhibit of Australian Aboriginal Art BAK
Museumkaart - van Beuningen Museum Rotterdam TENT Rotterdam Trompenburg Tuinen & Arboretum Wereldmuseum Witte de With Aboriginal Art Museum, Utrecht Basis voor Actuele
Aborigine - team and a rugby team Aboriginal Art Museum, a museum in Utrecht, Netherlands; see List of museums in the Netherlands Aboriginal Multi-Media Society, a
Christian Thompson (artist) - (Eberdingen, Germany), Latrobe Regional Gallery (Morwell, Australia), Aboriginal Art Museum (Utrecht, the Netherlands), Myer Collection (Melbourne, Australia), City
Judy Watson Napangardi - of New South Wales, Sydney Aboriginal Art Museum, Utrecht Gordon Darling Foundation, Canberra Flinders University Art Museum, Adelaide National Gallery
Museum Maluku - Amsterdam, the Dutch Museum Association, Centraal Museum in Utrecht, Aboriginal Art Museum in Utrecht, the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Bronbeek and the
Henk Schiffmacher - the Aboriginal Art Museum in Utrecht. Schiffmacher explained the title as a literal reading of the art of the tattoo and what it means in aboriginal culture:
Danny Matthys - contemporary Aboriginal art in Utrecht (city), (Netherlands) curated a number of exhibitions in which Indigenous Australian and European art were included


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