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Ahipara - Ahipara is a town and locality in Northland, New Zealand at the southern end of Ninety Mile Beach, with the Tauroa Peninsula to the west and Herekino
Antimelatoma buchanani - Antimelatoma buchanani is a species of predatory sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Pseudomelatomidae. The length of the shell attains
Kaitaia - northwest of Whangarei. It is the last major settlement on State Highway 1. Ahipara Bay, the southern end of Ninety Mile Beach, is 5 km west. The main industries
Ninety Mile Beach, New Zealand - Its southern end is close to the headland of Reef Point, to the west of Ahipara Bay, near Kaitaia. From there it sweeps briefly northeast before running
Massif - Shuksan – Washington, USA Teton Range – Wyoming, USA Big Ben – Heard Island Ahipara Gumfields – New Zealand Massif de la Hotte – Haiti Valle Nuevo Massif –
Mecodema kokoromatua - coastal forest behind the sand dunes and below the southern areas of the Ahipara Escarpment, Herekino, Northland, New Zealand. This species is within the
Pukepoto - Northland, New Zealand. It lies south west of Kaitaia and north east of Ahipara. The Herekino Forest lies to the south east. Pukepoto is a cobalt blue
List of towns in New Zealand - Contents:  Top A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Ahaura Ahipara Ahititi Ahuroa Aka Aka Akaroa Akitio Albany Albert Town Albury Alexandra*
Māmari - voyages to New Zealand. Carvings on a window frame of Te Ohaki Marae in Ahipara depict the story of Ruanui's kiore. When he arrived into the Hokianga Harbour
Split Lake - Northland Region, New Zealand. It is near to the coast of the Tasman Sea and Ahipara Bay. List of lakes in New Zealand "Place name detail: Split Lake". New


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Waters Edge B&B

Ahipara Bay Motel

Bellovista Luxury Beachfront Apartments Ahipara

Kauri Lodge Motel

Loredo Motel

Ninety Mile Beach Holiday Park

Kaitaia Motor Lodge

Ahipara Holiday Park

Asure Wayfarer Motel

The Northerner Motor Inn Kaitaia

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