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Alimos - inland community of Trachones (Greek: Τράχωνες). Alimos had 41,720 inhabitants in the 2011 census. Alimos is situated on the Saronic Gulf coast, 8 km south
Alimo - Alimo is a village in Ancuabe District in Cabo Delgado Province in northeastern Mozambique. "NGA GeoNames Database". National Geospatial-Intelligence
Alamo Bonito, California - Alamo Bonito (also, Alimo Bonita and Alimo Bonito) is a former Mission Indian settlement in Riverside County, California. It was located on the Torres
Alimos metro station - Alimos metro station is an intermediate station on Athens Metro Line 2. It opened with the Elliniko extension on 26 July 2013. "AttikoMetro Inside - Elliniko"
A.O.T. Alimos F.C. - A.O.T. Alimos F.C. is a Greek football club, based in, Alimos, Athens. The club was founded in 1957 as A.O Trachones F.C. The name of the team was changed
Athens - Paraskevi, Galatsi, Psychiko and Filothei); the southern suburbs (including Alimos, Nea Smyrni, Moschato, Kallithea, Agios Dimitrios, Palaio Faliro, Elliniko
Argyroupoli - has an area of 8.228 km2. It borders Ilioupoli municipality to the North, Alimos municipality and Elliniko municipal district to the West and Glyfada municipality
Kalamaki - name for souvlaki places in Greece: Kalamaki, Attica, a neighborhood of Alimos in South Athens Kalamaki, a village in the community of Limnochori, Achaea
Vouliagmenis Avenue - southern Athens eastern Dafni Agios Dimitrios near Ilioupoli eastern Alimos Elliniko Glyfada Voula Vouliagmeni Nana Cinemax Athens Metro Mall Alimos Avenue
Attica (region) - Paraskeví (Αγία Παρασκευή) Ágios Dimítrios (Άγιος Δημήτριος) Aigáleo (Αιγάλεω) Alimos (Άλιμος) or Kalamaki (Καλαμάκι) Athína (Αθήνα) (Municipality of Athens)


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Palaio Faliro
Nea Smyrni
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