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American Samoa - American Samoa /səˈmoʊə/ (listen) (locally /ˈsɑːmoʊə/; Samoan: Amerika Sāmoa, [aˈmɛɾika ˈsaːmʊa]; also Amelika Sāmoa or Sāmoa Amelika) is an unincorporated
Samoan Americans - Samoan Americans are Americans of Samoan origin, including those who emigrated from the Independent State of Samoa or American Samoa to the United States
Samoan Islands - the archipelago comprises all of the Independent State of Samoa and most of American Samoa (apart from Swains Island, which is geographically part of
Leloaloa, American Samoa - Leloaloa is a village in Tutuila Island, American Samoa. It is located in Maoputasi County. As of the 2010 U.S. census, the village had a population of
Samoans - Samoans or Samoan people (Samoan: tagata Sāmoa) are the indigenous Polynesian people of the Samoan Islands, an archipelago in Polynesia, who speak the
Tafuna, American Samoa - Tafuna (Samoan: Tāfuna) is a village on the east coast of Tutuila Island, American Samoa. It is located on a mile north of Pago Pago International Airport
Politics of American Samoa - Politics of American Samoa takes place in a framework of a presidential representative democratic dependency, whereby the Governor is the head of government
National Park of American Samoa - The National Park of American Samoa is a national park in the United States territory of American Samoa, distributed across three islands: Tutuila, Ofu
American Samoa Fono - The American Samoa Fono is the territorial legislature of American Samoa. Like most state and territorial legislatures of the United States, it is a bicameral
History of American Samoa - into Samoa (Western Samoa, Independent Samoa) and American Samoa (Eastern Samoa). The pre-Western history of Eastern Samoa (now American Samoa) is inextricably


American Samoa - Hotels
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American Samoa - Map
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American Samoa - Flight
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American Samoa - Car Rentals
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American Samoa - Travel guide
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American Samoa - Travel guide
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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

Pago Airport Inn

Sadie Thompson Inn

Sadie's by the Sea

Tradewinds Hotel

Tessarea Vaitogi Inn

Turtle & Shark Lodge

Travel guides cities in American Samoa:

Pago Pago

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American Samoa
Cook Islands
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Airports in American Samoa:

Pago Pago - Pago Pago Intl
5.8Km from American Samoa

Ofu - Ofu Airport
111.6Km from American Samoa

Apia - Fagali\'i
122Km from American Samoa

Fiti\'uta - Fitiuta Airport
137.8Km from American Samoa

Faleolo - Faleolo Intl
149.6Km from American Samoa

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