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Trieste - the narrow streets of the old town. It's called Arco di Riccardo ("Richard's Arch"), where Riccardo is a corruption of "Cardus", the Roman street which
Un ballo in maschera - Amelia leaves. Now Riccardo presents himself again, along with all of the courtiers, and asks to have his fortune told. (Aria: Di' tu se fedele / "Tell
History of Trieste - survived in fairly good condition to this day is the Roman Arch (Italian: Arco di Riccardo), an ancient city gate built in the second half of the 1st century
Svetla Vassileva (soprano) - Bongiovanni BGV 2265 king Giuseppe Verdi: Giovanna d'Arco – conductor Bruno Bartoletti, Teatro Regio di Parma, 2008. DVD:C Major Cat:721208 Giuseppe Verdi:
Va, pensiero - discussed several of Verdi's works from the 1840s (including Giovanna d'Arco and Attila) emphasising their ostensible political meaning. Work by Philip
Attila (opera) - produced in all of the major Italian cities (plus Barcelona, Lisbon, and Trieste), a total of over 25 productions, including one in Palermo under the title
Giuseppe Verdi - these new works, except for Giovanna d'Arco. Verdi "never forgave the Milanese for their reception of Un giorno di regno". During this period, Verdi began
Rigoletto - opera: Decca (1972) conducted by Richard Bonynge; Decca (1989) conducted by Riccardo Chailly and Deutsche Grammophon (1993) conducted by James Levine. Rigoletto
Nabucco - also regularly performed at the Arena di Verona. Among the performances preserved on DVD are those at the Arena di Verona (1981 and 2007); La Scala (1987)
Oberto (opera) - abandoned by Riccardo, Count of Salinguerra, and Riccardo is about to marry Cuniza, Ezzelino's sister. Leonora makes her way to Bassano on Riccardo's wedding


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