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Bad Ragaz - Bad Ragaz is a municipality in the Wahlkreis (constituency) of Sarganserland in the canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland. It is the home of a famous natural
Bad Ragaz Ring Method - The Bad Ragaz Ring Method (BRRM) is a type of aquatic therapy used for physical rehabilitation based on proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)
Aquatic therapy - therapy pool. Aquatic therapy techniques include Ai Chi, Aqua Running, Bad Ragaz Ring Method, Burdenko Method, Halliwick, Watsu, and other aquatic bodywork
Ragatz - century and earlier, was a famous watering-place in the Swiss village of Bad Ragaz, situated on the left bank of the Rhine, and by rail 22 km north of Coire
Hydrogymnastics - of hydrogymnastics is the Bad Ragaz Ring Method. In 1957, BRRM was created in the “therapeutic thermal pools of Bad Ragaz in Switzerland” by Dr. Knupfer
Swiss Seniors Open - Bad Ragaz Golf Club The Swiss Seniors Open is the Swiss stop on men's professional golf's European Senior Tour. It was founded in 1997 as the Credit Suisse
Saar (Rhine) - Alpine Rhine in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen. It rises in Mittelsäss, Bad Ragaz municipality, at 2,087 m elevation. Flowing generally north, it passes
Christian Pulisic - Pulisic during a training session with Borussia Dortmund in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland
INFICON - INFICON (Instruments For Intelligent Control) is headquartered in Bad Ragaz (Switzerland) and is engaged in the development, manufacture and supply of
Chur–Rorschach railway - Federal Railways (SBB). Until 1928, the railway line between Maienfeld and Bad Ragaz crossed the Rhine with a covered timber bridge, it was the last of its


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Bad Ragaz
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