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Båstad - Båstad (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈbôːsta(d)]) is a locality and the seat of Båstad Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden, with approximately 5,000 permanent
Swedish Open - Tour held in Båstad, Sweden in July each year. The women's Swedish Open (sponsored by Collector) is a tennis tournament held in Båstad, Sweden, between
Båstad riots - The Båstad riots (Swedish: Båstadskravallerna) is the name given to the riots that took place during a Davis Cup tennis match between Sweden and Rhodesia
Båstad Municipality - Båstad Municipality (Båstads kommun) is a municipality in Skåne County in South Sweden, located in Sweden. Its seat is located in the town of Båstad. The
Båstad Tennis Stadium - The Båstad Tennis Stadium is a tennis complex in Båstad, Sweden. Since its opening, the venue has been the host of the annual men's 250 series tournament
Båstad Church - Båstad Church (Swedish: Båstads kyrka), also known as St. Mary's Church (Mariakyrkan), is a medieval Lutheran church built in the Romanesque style. Located
Lervik, Båstad Municipality - Lervik is a village by the Skälderviken bay on the Bjärehalvön peninsula in Båstad Municipality. Lervik is situated north of a larger village next to it, named
2016 Båstad Challenger – Singles - Singles 2016 Båstad Challenger Champion Horacio Zeballos Runner-up Roberto Carballés Baena Final score 6–3, 6–4 Events
Båstad Challenger - The Båstad Challenger is a tennis tournament held in Båstad, Sweden since 2016. The event is part of the ATP Challenger Tour and is played on outdoor
Trøgstad/Båstad FK - Trøgstad/Båstad Fotballklubb is a Norwegian association football club from Trøgstad, Østfold. The men's football team currently plays in the Third Division


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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

Margretetorps Gastgifvaregard

Hotel Riviera Bastad

Hotell Rusthallargarden

Kvinnaboske Restaurant & Hotel

Arilds Vingard

Riverside Hotel & Apartments

Klitterhus Havsbadshotell

Hotel Valhall Park

Vejby Strand Hotel

Torekov Hotell

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