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Batesford, Victoria - Batesford is a small township located approximately 10 kilometres west of Geelong and 67 kilometres south-west of the state capital, Melbourne. It is
John de Batesford - John de Batesford (died 1319) was an English judge. Batesford was sent with William Haward as justice of assize into the counties of York, Northumberland
Fyansford, Victoria - Suburbs around Fyansford: Batesford Stonehaven Batesford Hamlyn Heights Stonehaven Fyansford Herne Hill Barrabool Ceres Highton Newtown
Megalodon - Formation  Venezuela South America Urumaco Formation  Venezuela South America Batesford Limestone  Australia Oceania Black Rock Sandstone  Australia Oceania Gippsland
Moorabool River - built in colonial bluestone. Batesford was originally the site of a ford over the Moorabool River. The first bridge at Batesford was built by the Corio and
Division of Corio - Portarlington, St Albans Park, Rippleside and Whittington; and parts of Anakie, Batesford, Clifton Springs, Fyansford, Leopold, Newtown, and Thomson. The current
City of Greater Geelong - significant settlements within the LGA include Anakie, Balliang, Barwon Heads, Batesford, Ceres, Clifton Springs, Drysdale, Lara, Ocean Grove, Portarlington and
Bell Post Hill, Victoria - Suburbs around Bell Post Hill: Moorabool Lovely Banks Norlane Batesford Bell Post Hill Bell Park Batesford Hamlyn Heights Bell Park
Insurrection of 10 August 1792 - Rude 1972, p. 104. M.J. Sydenham, page 111 "The French Revolution", B.T. Batesford Ltd, London 1965 Thompson 1959, p. 288. Tozzi, Christopher J. Nationalizing
Gheringhap, Victoria - Localities around Gheringhap: Bannockburn Sutherlands Creek Moorabool Bannockburn Gheringhap Batesford Bannockburn Stonehaven Stonehaven


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