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Bermuda - 64°45′W / 32.333°N 64.750°W / 32.333; -64.750 Bermuda (/bərˈmjuːdə/; The Somers Isles, or Islands of Bermuda) is a British Overseas Territory in the North
Bermuda Triangle - The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is a loosely defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of
Bermuda shorts - Bermuda shorts, also known as walk shorts or dress shorts, are a particular type of short trousers, worn as semi-casual attire by both men and women.
Parliament of Bermuda - The Parliament of Bermuda is the bicameral legislature in the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda. The two houses are: The House of Assembly which has
Bermuda rig - A Bermuda rig, Bermudian rig, or Marconi rig is a configuration of mast and rigging for a type of sailboat and is the typical configuration for most modern
History of Bermuda - Bermuda was originally discovered in 1503 by Spanish explorer Juan de Bermúdez. In 1609, the English Virginia Company, which had established Jamestown
Hamilton, Bermuda - Parish, is the territorial capital of the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda. It is the territory's financial centre and a major port and tourist destination
Television in Bermuda - Television in Bermuda was introduced in 1958. All broadcast television stations serving the islands of Bermuda operate from the city of Hamilton, Bermuda. The
Bermuda hawk - The Bermuda hawk was the sole member of the genus Bermuteo. The Bermuda hawk inhabited the island of Bermuda where it is recorded in the fossil record
Demographics of Bermuda - This article is about the demographic features of the population of Bermuda, including population density, ethnicity, education level, health of the populace


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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

Royal Palms Hotel Bermuda

Fourways Inn

Rosedon Hotel Bermuda

Rosewood Tucker's Point

Pompano Beach Club Hotel Bermuda

Sound View Cottage

Clairfont Apartments

Robin's Nest

Greenbank Guest House and Cottages

Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa

Travel guides cities in Bermuda:

Buxton (North Carolina)
Nags Head
Kill Devil Hills
Kitty Hawk
Beaufort (North Carolina)
Morehead City
Elizabeth City

Travel guides cities in Bermuda:

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