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Blackawton - Blackawton is a village and civil parish in the South Hams district of Devon, England. According to the 2001 census, it had a population of 647. Blackawton
Biology Letters - December 2010. Retrieved 22 December 2010. Blackawton Primary School; et al. (22 December 2010). "Blackawton bees — Biology Letters". Biology Letters.
Tandoori chicken - proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on food and cookery 2005 (1 ed.). Blackawton: Prospect Books. p. 393. ISBN 9781903018477. Lawler, Andrew (30 January
Pear - Christopher (2006). Apicius (with an introd. and an Engl. transl.). Blackawton, Totnes: Prospect Books. p. IV.2.35. ISBN 978-1-903018-13-2. Silva, G
Butter chicken - proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on food and cookery 2005 (1 ed.). Blackawton: Prospect Books. p. 393. ISBN 9781903018477. "Origin of Butter Chicken
Slapton, Devon - The parish is surrounded clockwise from the north by the parishes of Blackawton, Strete, Stokenham and East Allington. Slapton was recorded in the Domesday
2015 South Hams District Council election - South Hams District Council elections: Blackawton & Stoke Fleming Ward, 2015 Party Candidate Votes % ± Conservative Michael Hicks 910 63.6% Green Patrick
Bumblebee - Applied Ecology. 36 (4): 519–533. doi:10.1046/j.1365-2664.1999.00428.x. Blackawton, P. S.; Airzee, S.; Allen, A.; Baker, S.; Berrow, A.; Blair, C.; Churchill
Charles Seale-Hayne - PC (22 October 1833 – 22 November 1903) of Fuge House in the parish of Blackawton and of Kingswear Castle, Dartmouth harbour, both in Devon, was a British
Coleridge Hundred - units of Devon, England. The parishes in the hundred were: Ashprington, Blackawton, Buckland-Tout-Saints, Charleton, Chivelstone, Cornworthy, Dartmouth St


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