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Botswana - Botswana (/bɒtˈswɑːnə/ (listen), also UK: /bʊt-, bʊˈtʃw-/), officially the Republic of Botswana (Setswana: Lefatshe la Botswana), is a landlocked country
Economy of Botswana - Since gaining independence, Botswana has been one of the world's fastest growing economies, averaging about 5% per annum over the past decade. Growth in
Gaborone - and largest city of Botswana with a population of 231,626 based on the 2011 census, about 10% of the total population of Botswana. Its agglomeration is
Air Botswana - Air Botswana Corporation is Botswana's state-owned national flag carrier, with its headquarters located in Gaborone. It operates scheduled domestic and
President of Botswana - The President of the Republic of Botswana is the head of state and the head of government of Botswana, as well as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces
Botswana national football team - The Botswana national football team, nicknamed The Zebras (Setswana: Dipitse), represents Botswana in international football and is controlled by the Botswana
Tswana people - approximately 85% of the population of Botswana in 2011. The Tswana are the native people of south-western Botswana and of the North West province of South
Cabinet of Botswana - The Cabinet of Botswana consists of the President, Vice President and all the Ministers. Politics of Botswana "New Cabinet Ministers". November
Districts of Botswana - Sub-districts of Botswana List of districts of Botswana by Human Development Index ISO 3166-2:BW 2011 Population & Housing Census Analytical Report Botswana Government
Botswana pula - The pula is the currency of Botswana. It has the ISO 4217 code BWP and is subdivided into 100 thebe. Pula literally means "rain" in Setswana, because rain


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Botswana - Map
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Botswana - Travel guide
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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

The Capital Guesthouse

Staywell Executive Suites

Hana Guest House Lodge

Town Lodge Gaborone

Mokolodi House

Travelodge Gaborone

Lansmore Masa Square

Sunbeam Hotel

Indaba Lodge Gaborone

Falcon Crest Suites

Travel guides cities in Botswana:


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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Airports in Botswana:

Gaberone - Sir Seretse Khama Intl
11Km from Botswana

Zeerust - Zeerust
105.9Km from Botswana

Jwaneng - Jwaneng
123.2Km from Botswana

Mafeking - Mmabatho International Airport
132.3Km from Botswana

Pilanesberg - Pilanesberg Intl
148.2Km from Botswana

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