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Bovey Tracey - Bovey Tracey (/ˌbʌvi ˈtreɪsi/) is a small town and civil parish in Devon, England, on the edge of Dartmoor, its proximity to which gives rise to the "slogan"
Parke, Bovey Tracey - Parke is an historic estate in the parish of Bovey Tracey in Devon, England. The present mansion house known as Parke House, a grade II listed building
Bovey Tracey Potteries - The Bovey Tracey Potteries were a collection of potteries in the Bovey Tracey area of Devon, based on the clay from the Bovey Basin. Pottery making developed
William de Tracy - The name of the town of Bovey Tracey is derived from the River Bovey which passes through the town, and from the 'de Tracey' family – from Traci near
River Bovey - of North Bovey, flows through the Lustleigh Cleave between the villages of Manaton and Lustleigh, and then through the town of Bovey Tracey. It joins
Indio, Bovey Tracey - Indio (anciently Indehoe, Indiho, etc.) in the parish of Bovey Tracey in Devon, is an historic estate. The present large mansion house, known as Indio
A382 road - road in South West England, connecting Newton Abbot to the A38, then to Bovey Tracey and on through Moretonhampstead to the A30. The road starts in Newton
Bovey Tracey A.F.C. - Bovey Tracey Association Football Club is a football club based in Bovey Tracey, Devon, England. They are currently members of the South West Peninsula
Bovey (disambiguation) - England Bovey Heath, a protected wildlife area in Devon, England Bovey, Minnesota, USA Bovey Tracey, a town in Devon, England River Bovey, Devon, England
Ilsington - The parish is surrounded, clockwise from the north, by the parishes of Bovey Tracey, Teigngrace (a short border only), Newton Abbot, Ogwell (another short


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