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Cape Verde Wikipedia:

Cape Verde - Cape Verde (/ˈvɜːrd(i)/ (listen)) or Cabo Verde (/ˌkɑːboʊ ˈvɜːrdeɪ/ (listen), /ˌkæb-/) (Portuguese: Cabo Verde, pronounced [ˈkabu ˈveɾdɨ]), officially
List of presidents of Cape Verde - presidents of Cape Verde, since the establishment of the office of president in 1975. Cape Verde List of prime ministers of Cape Verde List of colonial
Cape Verde hurricane - A Cape Verde hurricane or Cabo Verde hurricane is an Atlantic hurricane that originates at low-latitude in the deep tropics from a tropical wave that has
Cape Verde national football team - The Cape Verde national football team, nicknamed either the Tubarões Azuis (Blue Sharks) or Crioulos (Creoles), is the national team of Cape Verde and
Demographics of Cape Verde - This article is about the demographic features of the population of Cape Verde, including population density, ethnicity, education level, health of the
Economy of Cape Verde - Cape Verde is a small archipelagic nation that lacks resources and has experienced severe droughts. Agriculture is made difficult by lack of rain and is
Cabo Verde Airlines - Cabo Verde Airlines, previously branded TACV Cabo Verde Airlines, is a scheduled, passenger and cargo airline based in Praia, Cape Verde. It is the national
Santiago, Cape Verde - Santiago (Portuguese for “Saint James”) is the largest island of Cape Verde, its most important agricultural centre and home to half the nation’s population
List of islands of Cape Verde - The archipelago of Cape Verde consists of 10 islands and several islets, divided into two groups: Barlavento (windward) islands Sotavento (leeward) islands
Music of Cape Verde - Cape Verde is known internationally for morna, a form of folk music usually sung in the Cape Verdean Creole, accompanied by clarinet, violin, guitar and


Cape Verde - Hotels
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Cape Verde - Map
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Cape Verde - Flight
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Cape Verde - Car Rentals
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Travel guides:

Cape Verde - Travel guide
Information about the destination
Cape Verde - Travel guide
Information about the country

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Swedish Travel guide -Cape Verde
English weather info, maps...

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Cape Verde Travel guide - Cape Verde
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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

Hotel Morabeza

Sal Beach Club

Oasis Salinas Sea

Murdeira Village Hotel

Gest Plain Apartments

Riu Garopa

Riu Funana

Self Catering Holidays at Tortuga Beach Resort

Patio Antigo Residence

Hotel Dunas de Sal

Travel guides cities in Cape Verde:

Boa Vista (Cape Verde)
Pedra Badejo
Saint Anthony (Cape Verde)
Sal Rei
Santa Maria (Cape Verde)
Santiago (Cape Verde)
Sao Vicente (Cape Verde)

Travel guide countries close to Cape Verde:

Cape Verde
Western Sahara
Burkina Faso
Côte d’Ivoire

Airports in Cape Verde:

Amilcar Cabral - Amilcar Cabral Intl
16.3Km from Cape Verde

Boa Vista - Rabil
51.6Km from Cape Verde

Sao Nocolau Island - Preguica
146.7Km from Cape Verde

Maio - Maio
163.9Km from Cape Verde

Praia, Santiago Island - Praia International Airport
196.6Km from Cape Verde

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