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Comoros - 44°15′E / 12.167°S 44.250°E / -12.167; 44.250 The Comoros, officially the Union of the Comoros, is an island country in the Indian Ocean located at
Comoro Islands - The Comoro Islands or Comoros (Shikomori Komori; Arabic: جزر القمر‎, Juzur al-Qomor; French: Les Comores) form an archipelago of volcanic islands situated
Flag of the Comoros - of the Comoros. Retrieved on 2014-07-07. Berry, Bruce (10 March 2016). "Comoros". Flags of the World. Retrieved 17 October 2016. "Flag of Comoros". Gettysburg
History of the Comoros - The history of the Comoros extends to about 1000 BC when the archipelago was first inhabited. The Comoros have been inhabited by various groups throughout
Moroni, Comoros - largest city, federal capital and seat of the government of the Union of the Comoros, a sovereign archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean. Moroni means "at the
Military of the Comoros - and air surveillance. France maintains a small troop presence in the Comoros at government request. France maintains a small maritime base and a Foreign
List of heads of state of the Comoros - Comoros List of sultans on the Comoros List of colonial heads of the Comoros List of heads of government of the Comoros Vice President of the Comoros
Comoro - Comoro may refer to: Comoro (East Timor), a village in Dom Aleixo Administrative Post, Dili District, East Timor Comoro Islands, an archipelago lying
Christianity in the Comoros - Christianity in the Comoros is a minority religion. Roman Catholics in the Comoros number about 4,300 persons (0.5% of the population); Protestants number
Demographics of the Comoros - The Comoros have had eight censuses since World War II: 1951 1956 1958-09-07: 183,133 1966-07-06 Note: in 1974 Mayotte was removed from the Comoros 1980-09-15:


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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

Itsandra Beach Hotel

Retaj Moroni Hotel

Karthala International Hotel

Retaj Moroni Hotel Moroni

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Airports in Comoros:

Moroni - Iconi Airport
1.4Km from Comoros

Moroni - Prince Said Ibrahim
18.7Km from Comoros

Moheli - Bandaressalam
86.7Km from Comoros

Anjouan - Ouani
136.7Km from Comoros

Dzaoudzi - Dzaoudzi Pamandzi
252.2Km from Comoros

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