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Crawfordsburn - Crawfordsburn (from Scots Crawford's burn, meaning 'Crawford's stream') is a small village in County Down, Northern Ireland. The village, which is now
Crawfordsburn Viaduct - The Crawfordsburn Viaduct is a railway viaduct in Crawfordsburn, County Down, Northern Ireland. The viaduct is built out of Scrabo sandstone, and carries
Crawfordsburn railway station - Crawfordsburn railway station served Crawfordsburn Hospital (which closed in the early 1990s) and Crawfordsburn Country Park in County Down, Northern
County Down - the shores of Strangford Lough, on the Ards Peninsula. The Old Inn in Crawfordsburn is one of Ireland's oldest hostelries, with records dating back to 1614
Gayle Williamson - contestant in the 2002 Miss World beauty contest. Williamson, lives in Crawfordsburn, County Down, with her son Brandon from a relationship with Irish musician
Scout Adventures (The Scout Association) - River Severn became national centres on 1 April 2011 and a further two, Crawfordsburn Scout Activity Centre in County Down, Northern Ireland and Yr Hafod
Crawford - Ontario, Canada Crawfordjohn, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, a village Crawfordsburn, County Down, Northern Ireland, a village Crawfordville (disambiguation)
Burn (landform) - Inishowen Burn of Elsick Burn of Pheppie Burn of Muchalls Bannockburn Crawfordsburn Gisburn Hebburn Jordan Burn Kilburn (disambiguation) Lyburn Ouseburn
C. S. Lewis - Ireland regularly. In 1958 he spent his honeymoon there at the Old Inn, Crawfordsburn, which he called "my Irish life". Various critics have suggested that
List of towns and villages in Northern Ireland - Corbet, Corkey, Corrinshego, Craigarogan, Craigavon, Cranagh, Cranford, Crawfordsburn, Creagh, Creggan, Crossgar, Crossmaglen, Crumlin, Cullaville, Cullybackey


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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

Central Belfast Apartment

The Cairn Bay Lodge

Homestay in Ballysillan near St Patrick's College

The Old Inn Crawfordsburn

Rayanne House Hotel Holywood

Merchant Hotel

Kings Lodge Belfast

Harpers Boutique B&B

Victoria Apartments

Homestay in Ravenhill near Ormeau Park

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