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Cuba - Cuba (/ˈkjuːbə/ (listen) KEW-bə, Spanish: [ˈkuβa] (listen); Lucumi: Erekusú), officially the Republic of Cuba (Spanish: República de Cuba [reˈpuβlika
Cubans - Cubans (Spanish: Cubanos) are people from Cuba or people with Cuban citizenship. Cuba is a multi-ethnic nation, home to people of different ethnic, religious
Cuban Missile Crisis - The Cuban Missile Crisis, also known as the October Crisis (of 1962) (Spanish: Crisis de Octubre) in Cuba, the Caribbean Crisis (Russian: Карибский кризис
History of Cuba - The history of Cuba is characterized by dependence on outside powers—Spain, the US, and the USSR. The island of Cuba was inhabited by various Amerindian
Cuba Gooding Jr. - Cuba Mark Gooding Jr. (born January 2, 1968) is an American actor. He is the recipient of an Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and an Emmy nomination
Cuban - up Cuban or cuban in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Cuban may refer to: Something of, from, or related to Cuba, a country in the Caribbean Cubans, people
United States embargo against Cuba - against Cuba prevents U.S. businesses, and businesses organized under U.S. law or majority-owned by U.S. citizens, from conducting trade with Cuban interests
Economy of Cuba - The economy of Cuba is a mixed command economy dominated by state-run enterprises. Most of the labor force is employed by the state. In the 1990s, the
Cuban Revolution - The Cuban Revolution (Spanish: Revolución cubana) was a military and political effort to overthrow the government of Cuba between 1953 and 1959. It began
Politics of Cuba - Cuba has had a socialist political system since 1959 based on the "one state – one party" principle. Cuba is constitutionally defined as a Marxist–Leninist


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Cuba - Travel guide
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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

Homestay in Old Havana near Paseo del Prado

Homestay in Vedado near University of Havana

Homestay in Havana near Paseo del Prado

Casa Maritza

Casa Amada

Iberostar Parque Central

Casa Novo Rent a room

Casa Lourdes y Carlos

Casa Habana

Casa Lilly

Travel guides cities in Cuba:

Cayo Coco
Cayo Guillermo
Cayo Largo Del Sur
Cayo Santa Maria
Pinar del Rio
Rafael Freyre
Sancti Spiritus
Santiago de Cuba
Trinidad (Cuba)
Villa Clara

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Airports in Cuba:

Havana - Jose Marti Intl
16.2Km from Cuba

Baracoa Playa - Playa Baracoa
23Km from Cuba

San Antonio De Banos - San Antonio De Los Banos
31.8Km from Cuba

Varadero - Juan Gualberto Gomez Intl
97.6Km from Cuba

Nueva Gerona - Rafael Cabrera
150.2Km from Cuba

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