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Dieppe Bay Town - Dieppe Bay Town is a town in Saint John Capisterre Parish in the island of Saint Kitts, in the country of Saint Kitts and Nevis in the West Indies. Settled
List of cities and towns in Saint Kitts and Nevis - villages rather than towns. The northern part of Saint John Capesterre was once ruled by France with its capital in Dieppe bay Town. The southern part was
Dieppe (disambiguation) - Moncton, New Brunswick Dieppe-sous-Douaumont, a French commune in Lorraine, France Dieppe Bay Town, a seaside town on Saint Kitts Dieppe Barracks, a military
Saint John Capisterre Parish - largest being Saint James Windward Parish). The capital of the parish is Dieppe Bay Town. The parish's 5 mile coastline is one of the most impressive and varied
Saddlers - town in Saint John Capesterre Parish, on Saint Kitts island in Saint Kitts and Nevis. It is the co-capital of the parish along with Dieppe Bay Town.
Newton Ground, Saint Kitts and Nevis - of Saint Kitts in Saint Kitts and Nevis. It is located inland from the coast, to the north of Sandy Point Town, on the main road to Dieppe Bay Town.
Dieppe, New Brunswick - province. Dieppe's history and identity goes back to the eighteenth century. Formerly known as Leger's Corner, it was incorporated as a town in 1952 under
La festival de Capisterre - four main settlements: Newton Ground village, St. Paul's village, Dieppe Bay Town, and Parson's Ground village, all separated from each other by miles
List of countries by northernmost point - and Barbuda Goat Point, Barbuda 17°44'N 108  Saint Kitts and Nevis Dieppe Bay Town, Saint Kitts 17°26'N 109  Honduras Great Swan Island, Swan Islands
Geography of Saint Kitts and Nevis - volcanic with mountainous interiors Extreme points: Northernmost point: Dieppe Bay Town, Saint Kitts Southernmost point: Devil's Cave, Saint John Figtree Parish


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