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Erldunda - Erldunda is a homestead at the road junction of the Stuart Highway and Lasseter Highways, 200 kilometres (124 mi) south-west of Alice Springs in the Northern
Lasseter Highway - It connects Yulara, Kata Tjuta and Uluru east to the Stuart Highway at Erldunda. The highway is named after Lewis Hubert (Harold Bell) Lasseter, who claimed
Mount Ebenezer - pastoral leases including Angas Downs to the west, Lyndavale to the south, Erldunda to the south east and Palmer Valley to the north west. The Lasseter Highway
List of ranches and stations - Station Curtin Springs Deep Well Station Delamere Dungowan Elsey Station Erldunda Fish River Station - Now a wildlife reserve The Garden Hamilton Downs Station
Stuart Highway - 27 km Tanami Road Alice Springs Alice Springs 1,499 931 Larapinta Drive   Erldunda 1,700 1,100 Lasseter Highway (State Route 4) Northern Territory – South
Outback Highway - Yulara 1,110 690 Tjukaruru Road Lasseter Highway (state route 4) MacDonnell Erldunda 1,398 869 Stuart Highway (National Highway 87) – Adelaide, Darwin Lasseter
List of airports in Australia - Island YELD ELC Elcho Island Airport Elkedra EKD Elkedra Airport Erldunda EDD Erldunda Airport Eva Downs YEVA EVD Eva Downs Airport Gapuwiyak (Lake Evella)
List of airports by IATA code: E - Mar-Nov EDB HSDB El Debba Airport El Debba, Sudan UTC+03:00 EDD Erldunda Airport Erldunda, Northern Territory, Australia UTC+09:30 EDE KEDE Northeastern
Banded stilt - Territory, where it has been found at the sewage ponds at Alice Springs and Erldunda. It has been recorded as a vagrant to Tasmania, with significant numbers
Matuntara people - River tributary of the Finke River. Their eastern extension ran over to Erldunda, while their westerly boundary lay at Curtin Springs. Their lands extended


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Desert Oaks Resort Erldunda

Erldunda Station

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