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Faliraki - Faliraki (Greek: Φαληράκι) is the primary seaside resort village on the Greek island of Rhodes, in the Dodecanese. It is situated on Faliraki Bay, on
Rhodes - the island is dotted with small villages and spa resorts, among them Faliraki, Lindos, Kremasti, Haraki, Pefkos, Archangelos, Afantou, Ixia, Koskinou
Club Reps - local channels STV Edinburgh and STV Glasgow. In series 1, the show is in Faliraki in Rhodes and the series follows a team of Club 18-30 reps. Some of the
Koskinou - located 5 miles from Rhodes town and 6 miles from the island resort of Faliraki and the Music School of Rhodes (Greece). Koskinou is famous for its unique
Dev (DJ) - movie. Dev was a member of Rebellious and has played in Ayia Napa and Faliraki at Ibis, Insomnia, Club Ice and Gas with Reggie Yates. Griffin warmed up
Marie Slater - reality TV star infamous for her role as the 'Miss Nasty' resort manager of Faliraki in ITV show Club Reps. Simply known as "Maz" to viewers, she first rose
Rhodes (city) - to districts but also connects the city to outlying resorts and towns (Faliraki in the east and Ixia, Ialysos, Tholos in the west) as well Rhodes International
Kallithea, Rhodes - 750 km². The seat of the municipality was in Kalythies. The beach resort Faliraki is also situated in the municipal unit. Media related to Kallithea at Wikimedia
Anthony Quinn - Beach in Rhodes, Greece, just 2.7 miles (4.3 km) south of the village of Faliraki (aka Falirakion or Falirákion). The land was bought by Quinn during the
Afantou - is situated on the east coast of Rhodes just south of the resort town Faliraki. From a total population of 6,911 (2011 census) 6,072 reside in Afantou


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