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Golovec District - The Golovec District (Slovene: Četrtna skupnost Golovec), or simply Golovec, is a district (mestna četrt) of the City Municipality of Ljubljana, the capital
Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship - of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The walkway leads past Koseze Pond and across Golovec Hill. During World War II, the Province of Ljubljana, annexed
City Municipality of Ljubljana - skupnost): Bežigrad District Center District Črnuče District Dravlje District Golovec District Jarše District Moste District Polje District Posavje District
Ljubljana - Ljubljana (Slovene: [ljuˈbljàːna] (listen), locally also [luˈblàːna]; also known by other, historical names) is the capital and largest city of Slovenia
University of Ljubljana - The University of Ljubljana (Slovene: Univerza v Ljubljani [uniʋɛ́ːɾza w ljubljàːni], acronym: UL, Latin: Universitas Labacensis) is the oldest and largest
Ljubljana Castle - 50833 Ljubljana Castle (Slovene: Ljubljanski grad, German: Laibacher Schloss) is a castle complex standing on Castle Hill above downtown Ljubljana, the
Zgornja Hrušica - the east by Graben Creek. Both creeks flow from Golovec Hill into the Ljubljanica. The soil below Golovec Hill is loamy, becoming sandy to the north near
Rudnik District - the northeast by the crest of Golovec Hill, and on the south by the A2 Freeway and a line running through the Ljubljana Marsh. The district includes the
Ljubljana Cathedral - Ljubljana Cathedral (Slovene: ljubljanska stolnica), officially named St. Nicholas's Church (cerkev sv. Nikolaja, unofficially also šenklavška cerkev)
Ljubljana Ring Road - The Ljubljana Ring Road (Slovene: Ljubljansko vozlišče, Ljubljanski obroč) is a motorway ring road around the city of Ljubljana. The ring road forms the


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