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Guanta - Guanta is the capital and largest city of Guanta Municipality. Together with Barcelona, Puerto La Cruz and Lechería it forms a conurbation of around 1
Guanta Municipality - The Guanta Municipality is one of the 21 municipalities (municipios) that makes up the eastern Venezuelan state of Anzoátegui and, according to the 2011
Barcelona, Venezuela - Venezuela, and was founded in 1671. Together with Puerto La Cruz, Lecheria and Guanta, Barcelona forms one of the most important urban areas of Venezuela, with
Puerto la Cruz - has road connections to the state capital, Barcelona, to Lecheria and to Guanta. The city of Puerto La Cruz is located on the southern shore of the Caribbean
Lowland paca - northern Costa Rica, jaleb in the Yucatán peninsula, conejo pintado in Panama, guanta in Ecuador, majás or picuro in Peru, jochi pintado in Bolivia, and boruga
Conferry - Venezuelan state, it serves the ports of Puerto la Cruz, Punta de Piedras, Guanta, La Guaira, Coche Island, and the international port of Guamache, The main
List of cities and towns in Venezuela - 14 El Chaparro 8,934 Anzoátegui 15 El Tigre 151,011 Anzoátegui 1933 16 Guanta 35,000 Anzoátegui 1594 17 Lechería 37,829 Anzoátegui 18 Mapire Anzoátegui
Anzoátegui - Carmen Carvajal (Valle de Guanape) Francisco de Miranda (Pariaguán) Guanta (Guanta) Independencia (Soledad) José Gregorio Monagas (Mapire) Juan Antonio
Islas Chimanas - Anzoategui state, east of the Borrachas Islands and north of the Bay of Guanta, just a few kilometers from the nearby city of Puerto La Cruz, whose special
Barcelona-Puerto La Cruz - localities of Barcelona (capital of the Anzoátegui State), Puerto La Cruz, Guanta and Lecheria, forming one of the largest metropolitan areas of the country


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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

Puerto Playa Lecheria

Hotel Cristina Suites Puerto De La Cruz

Punta Palma

Riviera Puerto La Cruz

Aqua Vi

Oasis Hotel Barcelona

Venetur Puerto La Cruz

Maremares Hotel Marina & Spa

Hotel El Dorado Suites

Hotel Rasil Cumberland

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