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Hampstead - Hampstead (/ˈhæmpstɪd/ or /-stɛd/), commonly known as Hampstead Village, is an area of London, England, 4 miles (6.4 km) northwest of Charing Cross. Part
West Hampstead - West Hampstead is an area in the London Borough of Camden in north-west London. Mainly defined by the railway stations of the same name, it is situated
Hampstead Heath - 56028°N 0.16083°W / 51.56028; -0.16083 Hampstead Heath (locally known simply as the Heath) is a large, ancient London heath, covering 320 hectares (790 acres)
Hampstead tube station - Hampstead is a London Underground station in Hampstead, North London. The station is on the Edgware branch of the Northern line, between Golders Green
London Borough of Camden - developed areas of Hampstead, Hampstead Heath and Kentish Town. Neighbouring boroughs are the City of Westminster and the City of London to the south, Brent
Hampstead Garden Suburb - Hampstead Garden Suburb is an elevated suburb, north of Hampstead, west of Highgate and east of Golders Green. It is an example of early twentieth-century
The Royal School, Hampstead - The Royal School, Hampstead, was an exclusive independent girls' day and boarding school located in Hampstead, London, England. The school was founded
Christ Church, Hampstead - Church, Hampstead, is a Church of England church in Hampstead, London. It is a church with particular connections to the old village of Hampstead and the
St John-at-Hampstead - refined from St John to this in 1917 by the Bishop of London) in Church Row, Hampstead, London. Hampstead was granted to the Benedictine monks of Westminster
Matthew Garber - Hampstead, London, of haemorrhagic necrotising pancreatitis, aged 21. Garber's body was cremated at St. Marylebone Crematorium (East Finchley) London


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