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Hangzhou - Hangzhou (Chinese: 杭州, Hangzhounese pronunciation: [ɦɑ̃.tse], Standard Mandarin pronunciation: [xǎŋ.ʈʂóu] (listen)), also romanized as Hangchow, is the
Zhejiang - province of the People's Republic of China. Its capital and largest city is Hangzhou. Zhejiang is bordered by Jiangsu and Shanghai to the north, Anhui to the
Hangzhou Bay - Hangzhou Bay, or the Bay of Hangzhou (simplified Chinese: 杭州湾; traditional Chinese: 杭州灣; pinyin: Hángzhōu Wān; Hangzhou Wu: han-tsei uae), is a funnel-shaped
Hangzhou Qiandaohu - Hangzhou Qiandaohu Beer Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 杭州千岛湖啤酒有限公司) is a brewery located in the town of Qiandaohu, in Chun'an County, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.
Grand Canal (China) - Grand Canal (Chinese: 京杭大運河; pinyin: Jīng-Háng Dà Yùnhé; lit. 'Capital–Hangzhou Grand Canal', or more commonly, as the「大運河」("Grand Canal")), a UNESCO World
Hangzhou Spark - Hangzhou Spark (simplified Chinese: 杭州闪电; traditional Chinese: 杭州閃電; pinyin: Hángzhōu Shǎndiàn) is a Chinese professional Overwatch esports team based
Hangzhou dialect - Hangzhou dialect (simplified Chinese: 杭州话; traditional Chinese: 杭州話; pinyin: hángzhōuhuà, Rhangzei Rhwa) is spoken in the city of Hangzhou and its immediate
Hangzhou Bay Bridge - Hangzhou Bay Bridge (simplified Chinese: 杭州湾大桥; traditional Chinese: 杭州灣大橋; pinyin: Hángzhōu Wān Dàqiáo; Wu: Han-tseu-uae du-jiau) is a long 35.7 km (22
Hikvision - Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd., often shortened to Hikvision, is a Chinese, partially state-owned, manufacturer and supplier of video
Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport - Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (IATA: HGH, ICAO: ZSHC) is the principal airport serving Hangzhou, a major city in the Yangtze River Delta region


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