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Hoevelaken - Hoevelaken is a town in the Dutch province of Gelderland. It is a part of the municipality of Nijkerk, and lies about 5 km east of Amersfoort. Hoevelaken
A1 motorway (Netherlands) - its start at the interchange Watergraafsmeer, and the interchange of Hoevelaken near Amersfoort, is also a European route: the E231. This section of the
Hoevelaken railway station - Hoevelaken is a railway station, in Hoevelaken, the Netherlands. The station lies on the Oosterspoorweg, but is only served by Connexxion trains from the
Nijkerk - of Gelderland. Achterhoek, Appel, De Veenhuis, Doornsteeg, Driedorp, Hoevelaken, Holk, Holkerveen, Kruishaar, Nekkeveld, Nijkerkerveen, Prinsenkamp, Slichtenhorst
Levi van Veluw - Veluw (born 1985 in Hoevelaken) is a Dutch contemporary artist. He currently lives and works in Amsterdam. He was born in Hoevelaken, Gelderland, and later
A28 motorway (Netherlands) - junctions can be found at the interchanges Rijnsweerd near Utrecht (A27), Hoevelaken near Amersfoort (A1), Hattemerbroek near Zwolle (motorway A50 / highway
Gelderland - Zevenaar Dinxperlo was merged into Aalten Gorssel was merged into Lochem Hoevelaken was merged into Nijkerk Lichtenvoorde was merged into Groenlo (renamed
European route E232 - highways share junctions with the E 232: E30 (Highway 1) - Hoevelaken E231 (Highway 1) - Hoevelaken N94 (Highway 302) - Harderwijk N93 (Highway 50) - Hattemerbroek
Norbert Klein (politician) - association AVRO. Klein was born in Hengelo and studied law at Radboud University Nijmegen. He resides in Hoevelaken. (in Dutch) Parlement.com biography
Bouwfonds - 73 years ago (1946)HeadquartersWesterdorpsstraat 66 Postbus 15 3870 DA, Hoevelaken, the Netherlands Key people Tjalling Halbersma, CEOProductsReal Estate


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