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Iquique - Iquique (Spanish pronunciation: [iˈkike]) is a port city and commune in northern Chile, capital of both the Iquique Province and Tarapacá Region. It lies
Deportes Iquique - Club de Deportes Iquique S.A.D.P. is a Chilean football club based in Iquique that is a current member of the Campeonato Nacional. Founded in 1978, the
Battle of Iquique - The Battle of Iquique (Spanish: Batalla de Iquique or Combate naval de Iquique) was a confrontation that occurred on 21 May 1879, during the naval stage
1º Compañía de Comandos "Iquique" - The 1st Commandos Company "Iquique" (Spanish: 1º Compañía de Comandos "Iquique") is special forces unit under the jurisdiction of northern Chile. The
Whiskey sour - newspaper El Comercio de Iquique, which indicated that Elliott Stubb created the "whisky sour" in Iquique in 1872. (El Comercio de Iquique was published by Modesto
Iquique Cove - Iquique Cove is a small, 400 m (440 yd) wide cove indenting for 700 m (770 yd) the east coast of Discovery Bay, Greenwich Island in the South Shetland
Blockade of Iquique - The Blockade of Iquique was a military operation that occurred during the War of the Pacific. Once war was declared by Chile upon Peru on Saturday, April
Zona Franca of Iquique - Franca de Iquique, known by the acronym Zofri (in English)−(Free Zone of Iquique), is located in the coastal port city of Iquique, in Iquique Province
Iquique Province - Iquique Province (Spanish: Provincia de Iquique) is one of two provinces in the northern Chilean region of Tarapacá (I). Its capital is the port city
2014 Iquique earthquake - The 2014 Iquique earthquake struck off the coast of Chile on 1 April, with a moment magnitude of 8.2, at 20:46 local time (23:46 UTC). The epicenter of


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Terrado Cavancha

Hotel Diego de Almagro Iquique

Hotel Gavina

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Radisson Hotel Iquique

Hotel Volvic

Hotel Cano Iquique

Hotel Spark Suites Iquique

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