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Kalmar - Kalmar (/ˈkælmɑːr/, also US: /ˈkɑːlmɑːr/, Swedish: [ˈkǎlmar] (listen)) is a city in the southeast of Sweden, situated by the Baltic Sea. It had 36,392
Kalmar Union - The Kalmar Union (Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish: Kalmarunionen; Latin: Unio Calmariensis) was a personal union in Scandinavia that from 1397 to 1523 joined
Kalmar FF - Kalmar Fotbollsförening, more commonly known as Kalmar FF, Kalmar or (especially locally) KFF, is a Swedish professional football club based in Kalmar
Kalmar County - Kalmar County (Swedish: Kalmar län) is a county or län in southern Sweden. It borders the counties of Kronoberg, Jönköping, Blekinge and Östergötland.
Kalmar War - The Kalmar War (1611–1613) was a war between Denmark–Norway and Sweden. Though Denmark soon gained the upper hand, it was unable to defeat Sweden entirely
Kalmar Nyckel - Kalmar Nyckel (Key of Kalmar) was a Swedish ship built by the Dutch famed for carrying Swedish settlers to North America in 1638, to establish the colony
Kalmar (disambiguation) - Kalmar may refer to: Kalmar, a city in Småland, Sweden Kalmar, Iran, a village in Mazandaran Province, Iran Kalmar Airport, Sweden Kalmar County, Sweden
Stefan Kalmár - Stefan Kalmár is a German curator and has been the Director of the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London since 2016. Kalmár was Executive Director
Kalmar Castle - Kalmar Castle (Swedish: Kalmar slott) is a castle in the city Kalmar in the province of Småland in Sweden. During the twelfth century a round defensive
Kalmar Municipality - Kalmar Municipality (Kalmar kommun) is a municipality in Kalmar County, southeastern Sweden. The city of Kalmar is the municipal seat. The present municipality


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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

KronoCamping Saxnas

Clarion Collection Hotel Packhuset

Hotell Hilda

Kaj 4 Hotell & Restaurang

Ekerum Golf & Conference Center

Hotel Skansen Farjestaden

Best Western Plus Kalmarsund Hotell

Halltorps Gastgiveri


Flyghotellet Torneby Herrgard

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