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Kanfanar - Kanfanar (Italian: Canfanaro) is a municipality in Istria, Croatia. Kanfanar lies at the interchange of the Istrian Y expressway/motorway B8 and A9, as
Kanfanar interchange - The Kanfanar interchange (Croatian: Čvor Kanfanar) is a cloverleaf interchange west of Kanfanar, Croatia. The interchange represents the western terminus
Istrian Y - highway network, consisting of section A8 Matulji-Kanfanar and section A9 Slovenian border-Kanfanar-Pula. It is called the Istrian Y because it is shaped
TPC - Perl Conference Air Calédonie, ICAO code Parenzana, Trieste - Poreč - Kanfanar railway 1902–1935, reporting mark Taiwan Police College, a police academy
Istria County - further A6) interchange through Učka Tunnel to Kanfanar interchange, and highway A9 connects Pula via Kanfanar to Umag, connecting the county to Slovenian
European route E751 - where it diverges from European route E61 before passing through the Kanfanar interchange, the route connects Pula, Rovinj, Poreč and Umag in Croatia
A8 (Croatia) - the Istrian peninsula via the Učka Tunnel. The road terminates at the Kanfanar interchange with the A9 motorway, which with the A8 motorway forms the
A9 (Croatia) - it runs north to the Croatian motorway and expressway network at the Kanfanar interchange. Here it meets the A8 motorway, forming the Istrian Y road
Putini - Putini may refer to: Putini, a village near Răchitoasa, Romania Putini, Croatia, a village near Kanfanar in Istria
D303 road - D303 is a state road connecting A9 and A8 motorways (Kanfanar interchange) to Rovinj. The road is 13.5 km long. The road, as well as all other state roads


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