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Krnica, Marčana - Krnica (Italian: Carnizza) is a village in southeastern Istria, Croatia. Krnica is situated 195 meters (639 feet) above sea level. Just 2.3 km (1.4 mi)
Krnica, Gorje - Krnica (pronounced [kəɾˈniːtsa]) is a settlement in the Municipality of Gorje in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia. The Pokljuka Gorge begins at Krnica
Krnica, Luče - Krnica (pronounced [kəɾˈniːtsa]) is a dispersed settlement of isolated farmsteads in the Municipality of Luče in Slovenia. Traditionally the area belonged
Krnica, Koper - Krnica (pronounced [kəɾˈniːtsa]) is a small settlement next to Rižana in the City Municipality of Koper in the Littoral region of Slovenia. Statistical
Julian Alps - Edelweiss, Julian Alps, Slovenia The Julian Alps with Prisojnik and Razor The Krnica Valley near Kranjska Gora Mount Mangart
Stenar - panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. Bovec, Zadnjica Kranjska gora, Krnica Kranjska gora, Vrata The route from Zadnjica iz relativetly easy to ascend
Sergio Marchionne - Marchionne, from Cugnoli (Abruzzo), and Maria Zuccon from Carnizza (today Krnica, Croatia) near Labin in Istria. His father served as a Carabiniere in Istria
Vittore Carpaccio - Kastelec Kolomban Koromači–Boškini Kortine Kozloviči Koštabona Krkavče Krnica Kubed Labor Loka Lopar Lukini Manžan Marezige Maršiči Močunigi Montinjan
Santorio Santorio - Kastelec Kolomban Koromači–Boškini Kortine Kozloviči Koštabona Krkavče Krnica Kubed Labor Loka Lopar Lukini Manžan Marezige Maršiči Močunigi Montinjan
Aljaž Tower - Lipanca Bogatin Lodge Dr. Klement Jug Lodge in the Lepena Valley Gozd Lodge Krnica Lodge Krek Lodge at Ratitovec Komna Lodge Kanin Lodge Kosi Lodge at Vogar


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Apartment Rosemary

Hostel Sonja

Boutique Hotel Oasi

Apartments Blanka & Marina

Villa Stefanija

Villa Annette

Accommodation Ana

City Center Rooms

Boutique Hotel Villa Vulin

Interhome - Ljiljana

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