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Lastingham - Lastingham is a village and civil parish which lies in the Ryedale district of North Yorkshire, England. It is on the southern fringe of the North York
Chad of Mercia - obtained his information about Chad and his brother, Cedd, from the monks of Lastingham, where both were abbots. Bede gives this attribution great prominence
Gilling and Pickering line - Light Railways Act came into being, proposals were put forward by the Lastingham & Rosedale Light Railway Company to build a line northwards from the G&P
Church of St Mary, Lastingham - The Church of St Mary, Lastingham, is the parish church for the village of Lastingham in North Yorkshire, England. The parish is part of Ryedale and is
Hutton-le-Hole - miles (4 km) north of Kirkbymoorside and the A170 road. The hamlet of Lastingham is north east of the village by 1.5 miles (2.4 km) with the Tabular Hills
Cedd - regarded Lastingham as a monastic base, providing intellectual and spiritual support, and a place of retreat. Cedd delegated daily care of Lastingham to other
Cook Strait - Maria in 1851, the City of Dunedin in 1865, the St Vincent in 1869, the Lastingham in 1884, SS Penguin in 1909 and TEV Wahine in 1968. The strait runs in
Cælin - Cælin that Ethelwald donated land for the building of a monastery at Lastingham in the North York Moors. The monastery became a base for Cedd, who was
Cynibil - Cedd undertook a forty-day fast to purify the site of their monastery at Lastingham, Cynibil took over the fast on the thirtieth day. Leo Sherley-Price (1990)
Picton, New Zealand - Wreck Diving in the Marlborough Sounds New Zealand. Mikhail Lermontov, Lastingham, Koi and Rangitoto : Go Dive Marlborough Charter Information Marlborough


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