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Lumbarda - Lumbarda (it: Lombarda) is a small village and a municipality located on the Eastern tip of the Island of Korčula in Croatia, 7 kilometers away from the
Korčula - towns of Korčula, Vela Luka and Blato. Villages along the coast are Brna, Lumbarda, Račišće, and Prižba; Žrnovo, Pupnat, Smokvica and Čara are located inland
Daniel Ozmo - 1969 "Petar Dobrović, Pecuh 1890 — Belgrade 1942. Ivo Lozica, Lumbarda 1910 — shot at Lumbarda 1943. Daniel Ozmo, Olovo 1912 — killed in Jasenovac 1942. Roman
Grk Bijeli - grape variety used for wine. It is in particularly found in the village of Lumbarda on the island of Korčula in Croatia, where it is used to make Grk wine
Lumbarda Psephisma - Lumbarda Psephisma (also referred to as Lumbardian Decree-Psefizam) is a stone inscription telling about the founding of an Ancient Greek settlement on
Lega Alpina Lumbarda - Lega Alpina Lumbarda (Lombard Alpine League, LAL) was a left-wing regionalist political party in Italy, based in Lombardy. The party, an alternative to
Frano Kršinić (biologist) - Frano Kršinić (born 23 August 1947 in Lumbarda) is a Croatian marine biologist. Kršinić was born in Lumbarda, on the island of Korčula. He obtained his
Dubrovnik-Neretva County - Municipality of Kula Norinska Municipality of Lastovo Municipality of Lumbarda Municipality of Mljet Municipality of Orebić Municipality of Pojezerje
List of political parties in Italy - Alliance (Autonomia Alleanza Lombarda) Lombard Alpine League (Lega Alpina Lumbarda) Lombard Autonomy League (Lega Autonomia Lombarda) Liguria New Liguria
Nikola Nobilo - was born in present-day Croatia in 1913. His family's home village was Lumbarda, located on the island of Korčula. They had worked in the winemaking industry


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