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Mlini - Mlini is a village in Croatia. It is connected by the D8 highway between Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Airport. Coordinates: 42°37′12″N 18°12′00″E / 42.62000°N
Trebižat (river) - river. The river rises from the large karstic wellspring within cave in Peć Mlini village. This wellspring is continuation of the Vrljika (Matica) river which
Kherson - Russian General Suvorov. Includes department's: Tavrіjs'kij, Pіvnіchnij and Mlini. Dnipro Raion, named after the Dnieper river. Includes departments: HBK
'Ajde, kroči - filmed on many different locations such as Budva's old town, "Ćatovića Mlini" restaurant in Morinj, Ada Bojana. The entry was performed in the semifinals
Yosef Haim Brenner - literature. Yosef Haim Brenner was born to a poor Jewish family in Novi Mlini, Russian Empire. He studied at a yeshiva in Pochep, and published his first
Elektroprivreda HZ HB - Plant, Mostar Jajce Hydro Power Plant, Jajce Jajce 2 HPP, Jajce MHE "Peć Mlini"(bs), Grude Mesihovina wind power plant (hr), Tomislavgrad Elektroprivreda
Misoča - Misoča. Places in Misoča are: Bare, Dedići, Glavica, Han, Katane, Misoča, Mlini, Pušine and Strana. Misoča is 18 kilometers far from Sarajevo and only one
List of postal codes in Croatia - 20000 Dubrovnik 20205 Topolo 20207 Mlini 20210 Cavtat 20213 Čilipi 20215 Gruda 20216 Dubravka 20217 Pridvorje 20218 Pločice 20221 Koločep 20222 Lopud
Slovenian National Party - other things, Jelinčič has proposed that four disputed villages; Bužini, Mlini, Škodelini and Škrile, be placed within the municipality of Piran for the
Cavtat - with shops and restaurants. A ferry boat connects the town to neighbouring Mlini and Dubrovnik. There are often many private luxury ships and yachts along


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Apartments Lukre

S&L Guesthouse

Villa Klaic

Villa Orsula

Danica Guesthouse

Guesthouse and Room Karla

Penthouse the Best Old Town View

Rooms & Apartment Kortizija

Apartmant Nia

Boutique Hotel Kazbek

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Zaton (Dubrovnik-Neretva)
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