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Moldova - 29°E / 47; 29 Moldova (/mɒlˈdoʊvə/ (listen), sometimes UK: /ˈmɒldəvə/), officially the Republic of Moldova (Romanian: Republica Moldova), is a landlocked
Moldovans - Moldovans or Moldavians (Romanian: moldoveni, pronounced [moldoˈvenʲ]; Moldovan Cyrillic: Молдовень) are the largest ethnic group of the Republic of Moldova
Chișinău - (Кишинэу) in Russian-language media in Moldova, is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Moldova. The city is Moldova's main industrial and commercial
Transnistria - Moldavian Republic, is a primarily unrecognised state that split off from Moldova after the dissolution of the USSR and mostly consists of a narrow strip
Moldova (river) - The Moldova is a river in Romania, in the historical region of Moldavia. It is a right tributary of the river Siret. The river rises from the Obcina Feredeu
Moldova (disambiguation) - Moldova, officially the Republic of Moldova, is a country in southeastern Europe. Moldova or Moldavia may also refer to: Moldavia, a geographic and historical
Moldavia - Moldavia (Romanian: Moldova, pronounced [molˈdova] (listen) or Țara Moldovei (in Romanian Latin alphabet), literally The Moldavian Country; in old Romanian
Moldova Nouă - Moldova Nouă (Romanian pronunciation: [molˌdova ˈnowə] (listen); Hungarian: Újmoldova; German: Neumoldowa; Czech: Nová Moldava or Bošňák; Serbian: Нова
Languages of Moldova - The state language of Moldova is Romanian (locally also called Moldovan) which is the native language of 80.2% of the population; it is also spoken as
Moldovan - Moldovan and Moldavian refer to something of, from, or related to Moldova or Moldavia. In particular, it may refer to: Moldovans, the main ethnic group


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Moldova - Travel guide
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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

Nobil Luxury Boutique Hotel

Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel

Glorious Shack Hostel

Art Rustic

Hotel Lidia Chisinau

Hotel Apartments Adresa

Villa Arus

Klassik Hotel Kogalniceanu

Villa Rossa Hotel

Hotel VisPas

Travel guides cities in Moldova:


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Airports in Moldova:

Kichinau Fir/acc/com - Chisinau Intl
11.7Km from Moldova

Iasi - Iasi
94.8Km from Moldova

Strymba - Balti International Airport
121.7Km from Moldova

Saltsy - Balti Intl
121.7Km from Moldova

Odessa - Odesa Intl
153.9Km from Moldova

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