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Naousa - Naousa or Naoussa may refer to the following places in Greece: Naousa, Imathia, a town in Imathia, Macedonia Naousa massacre, 1822 Naousa, Paros, a village
Naoussa F.C. - Olympiakos Naoussa and Pannaoussaikos. Naoussa has spent one season in the first tier and 24 seasons in the second tier of Greek football. Naoussa played
Naousa, Paros - A view towards Naoussa from Kolympithres beach
Naousa, Imathia - Naousa (Greek: Νάουσα, historically Νάουσσα - Naoussa), officially The Heroic City of Naousa is a city in the Imathia regional unit of Macedonia, Greece
Wine and Vine Museum (Naoussa) - the traditional building belonging to Ioannis Boutaris in the centre of Naoussa in Central Macedonia, Greece. The museum’’s mission is primarily educational
Naousa massacre - The Massacre of Naoussa or Destruction of Naoussa was a bloody event of the Greek War of Independence that occurred on 13 April 1822. Plans for the upcoming
Folklore Museum of the Lyceum of Hellenic Women - The Folklore Museum is located in Naoussa, Central Macedonia, Greece. It was founded in 1968 by the Lyceum of Hellenic Women with the aim of saving and
Imathia - Vine Museum (Naoussa) Archaeological Museum of Veroia Byzantine Museum of Veroia Folklore Museum of the Lyceum of Hellenic Women (Naoussa) Veria F.C. -
Panagiotis Katsouris - 28 October 1976 in Athens) was a Greek football player. He played for Naoussa F.C. and PAOK FC until his sudden death on 9 February 1998 in a car accident
Dimitrios Karatasos - Revolution in the Naoussa area in 1821. He fought during the Greek War of Independence, alongside his father, first in the Naoussa area and, after the


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