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Newgate Street - Newgate Street refers to: Newgate and Newgate Street in London Newgate Street, Hertfordshire, a village in Hertfordshire Newgate Street, Newcastle, a
Newgate - bridge in Chester of the same name, see Newgate, Chester; for the clock manufacturer, see Newgate (company). Newgate was one of the historic seven gates of
Newgate Prison - Newgate Prison was a prison at the corner of Newgate Street and Old Bailey just inside the City of London, England, originally at the site of Newgate
Christ Church Greyfriars - Christ Church Greyfriars, also known as Christ Church Newgate Street, was a church in Newgate Street, opposite St Paul's Cathedral in the City of London
St Sepulchre-without-Newgate - wall, near the Newgate. It has been a living of St John's College, Oxford, since 1622 and is part of the area designated the "Newgate Street Conservation
Newgate Street, Hertfordshire - Newgate Street is a village near Cuffley, in Hatfield civil parish, in the Welwyn Hatfield district of Hertfordshire, England. It is approximately six
Old Bailey - fortified wall (or bailey), which runs from Ludgate Hill to the junction of Newgate Street and Holborn Viaduct. The Old Bailey has been housed in several structures
St. Paul's tube station - originally located on the north side of Newgate Street, on the west side of the junction with King Edward Street, but was moved to the east when the station
St. Martin's Le Grand - London, and is the name of a one-way street north of Newgate Street and Cheapside and south of Aldersgate Street. It forms the southernmost section of
St Audoen within Newgate - a mediaeval church in the City of London situated on the corner of Newgate Street and Eldeness Lane (now Warwick Lane). It was first mentioned as Parochia


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