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Nha Trang - Nha Trang (/ˌnɑːˈtʃæŋ/; Vietnamese: [ɲaː˧ ʈaːŋ˧] (listen)) is a coastal city and capital of Khánh Hòa Province, on the South Central Coast of Vietnam
Nha Trang Air Base - Nha Trang Air Base (IATA: NHA, ICAO: VVNT) (also known as Camp McDermott Airfield and Long Van Airfield) was a French Air Force, Republic of Vietnam Air
Nha Trang Airport - Nha Trang Airport may refer to the 2 airports serving Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa Province, Vietnam. The original airstrip at Nha Trang USAFB was built ny the
Vinpearl - conglomerate. The Vinpearl Resort Nha Trang is a 5-star resort and one of the resorts, spa of the Vinpearl Nha Trang. It lies on the long beach of the
Top Gear: Vietnam Special - began making their way towards their next destination at the city of Nha Trang. Along the way, the trio encountered torrential rain, before May ran out
Pasteur Institute of Nha Trang - Nha Trang (French: Institut Pasteur de Nha Trang, Vietnamese: Viện Pasteur Nha Trang) is one of two Institut Pasteur in Vietnam. Located in Nha Trang
Khánh Hòa Province - of 5,197 km². Its capital is Nha Trang. Khánh Hòa is the site of Bảo Đại's summer home, the Pasteur Institute of Nha Trang, the Institute of Oceanography
Christ the King Cathedral, Nha Trang - (Vietnamese: Nhà thờ chính tòa Kitô Vua; French: Cathédrale du Christ-Roi), also called Nha Trang Cathedral (Vietnamese: Nhà thờ Núi Nha Trang; French: Cathédrale
Nha Trang Oceanography Institute - The Nha Trang Oceanography Institute or Institute of Oceanography in Nha Trang is an oceanography institute located at 1 Cau Da St., next to Cau Da Wharf
Nha Trang University - Nha Trang University is a university in Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa Province, in Vietnam's South Central Coast. It is a multidisciplinary university with 29


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