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Nicaragua - 13.133; -85.117 Nicaragua (/ˌnɪkəˈrɑːɡwə, -ˈræɡ-, -ɡjuə/ (listen); Spanish: [nikaˈɾaɣwa] (listen)), officially the Republic of Nicaragua (Spanish: República
Nicaraguans - significant heritage from Nicaragua. Most Nicaraguans live in Nicaragua, although there is also a significant Nicaraguan diaspora, particularly in Costa Rica
Nicaragua Canal - The Nicaraguan Canal (Spanish: Canal de Nicaragua), formally the Nicaraguan Canal and Development Project (also referred to as the Nicaragua Grand Canal
Lake Nicaragua - Lake Nicaragua or Cocibolca or Granada (Spanish: Lago de Nicaragua, Lago Cocibolca, Mar Dulce, Gran Lago, Gran Lago Dulce, or Lago de Granada) is a freshwater
President of Nicaragua - The President of Nicaragua (Spanish: Presidente de Nicaragua), officially known as the President of the Republic of Nicaragua (Spanish: Presidente de la
Nicaraguan Revolution - The Nicaraguan Revolution (Spanish: Revolución Nicaragüense or Revolución Popular Sandinista) encompassed the rising opposition to the Somoza dictatorship
Flag of Nicaragua - The flag of Nicaragua was first adopted on September 4, 1908, but not made official until August 27, 1971. It is based on, and inspired by, the flag of
Survivor: Nicaragua - Survivor: Nicaragua is the 21st season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor. It premiered on September 15, 2010 at 8:00pm
Nicaraguan córdoba - of Nicaragua. It is divided into 100 centavos. The first córdoba was introduced with the new National Bank of Nicaragua (Banco Nacional de Nicaragua Incorporado)
Demographics of Nicaragua - According to the 2022 revision of the World Population Prospects, Nicaragua has a population of 6,850,540. Whites and Mestizos and tribally unaffiliated


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Nicaragua - Car Rentals
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Nicaragua - Travel guide
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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

Buena Onda Backpackers

Bahia del Sol Villas & Condominiums

Hotel California Rivas

Hotel Alcazar San Juan del Sur

Mukul Luxury Resort and Spa

Mama Sara House

Casa Ariki

Hotel Maracuya

Mango Rosa Nicaragua

Casa Pelon

Travel guides cities in Nicaragua:

Corn Island
El Castillo
Granada (Nicaragua)
Leon (Nicaragua)
San Juan del Sur

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Costa Rica
El Salvador
Cayman Islands
Turks and Caicos Islands
Dominican Republic

Airports in Nicaragua:

Liberia - Daniel Oduber Quiros Intl
81.7Km from Nicaragua

Nicoya - Cabo Velas Airport
99.9Km from Nicaragua

Managua - Managua Intl
103.8Km from Nicaragua

Los Brasiles - Los Brasiles
116.6Km from Nicaragua

San Carlos - San Carols Airport
119.5Km from Nicaragua

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