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Nidaros Cathedral - Nidaros Cathedral (Norwegian: Nidarosdomen / Nidaros Domkirke) is a cathedral of the Church of Norway located in the city of Trondheim in Trøndelag county
Trondheim - Catholic Archdiocese of Nidaros; since then, it has remained the seat of the Lutheran Diocese of Nidaros and the Nidaros Cathedral. It was incorporated in
Nidaros - Nidaros, Niðarós or Niðaróss was the medieval name of Trondheim when it was the capital of Norway's first Christian kings. It was named for its position
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Nidaros - of Nidaros (or Niðaróss) was the metropolitan see covering Norway in the later Middle Ages. The see was the Nidaros Cathedral, in the city of Nidaros (now
Coronations in Norway - Coronations in Norway were held from 1164 to 1906, mostly in the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. Although a crowning ceremony was formerly mandated by the nation's
Mason's mark - elaborate. Mason's mark from Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway, late 12th century. Mason's mark from Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway, early 14th century
Diocese of Nidaros - Nidaros is a diocese in the Lutheran Church of Norway. It covers Trøndelag county in Central Norway and its cathedral city is Trondheim, which houses
Pilgrim's Route - Olav's Way or the Old Kings' Road, was a pilgrimage route to the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway, the site of the medieval tomb of St. Olav. The main
Nidaros Cathedral Boys' Choir - The Nidaros Cathedral Boys' Choir (Chorus Puerorum Cathedralis Nidrosiensis) is a Norwegian choir in Trondheim, consisting of 76 boys and men as of spring
Nidaros Cathedral West Front - (Nidaros Cathedral - West Front Sculptures). Trondheim: Nidaros Domkirkes Restaureringsarbeiders forlag. ISBN 82-7693-061-1. Gunnarsjaa, Arne. Nidaros


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