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Nyköping - Nyköping (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈnŷːˌɕøːpɪŋ]) is a locality and the seat of Nyköping Municipality, Södermanland County, Sweden with 32,759 inhabitants
Nyköping Castle - Nyköping Castle (Swedish: Nyköpingshus) in Nyköping, Sweden, is a Medieval castle from the Birger Jarl era, partly in ruins. The castle is mostly known
Nyköping Banquet - The Nyköping Banquet (Swedish: Nyköpings gästabud) was King Birger of Sweden's Christmas celebration 11 December 1317 at Nyköping Castle in Sweden. Among
Nyköping Municipality - localities are former seats of rural municipalities. Nyköping (seat) Arnö (part of the Nyköping urban area) Bergshammar Buskhyttan Enstaberga Jönåker
Nyköpings Hockey - Nyköpings Hockeyklubb (English: Nyköping Hockey Club, often referred to as Nyköpings HK or Nyköpings Hockey) was an ice hockey club from Nyköping, Sweden
Nyköping County - Nyköping County, or Nyköpings län, was a county of the Swedish Empire from 1634 to 1683. It was one of three counties in the province of Södermanland
Nyköpings gymnasium Gripenskolan - Nyköpings gymnasium Gripen or more commonly referred as "Gripenskolan" is a gymnasium located in Nyköping, Sweden. The school will be the new center of
Visby-class corvette - Cancelled: 1 Active: HSwMS Visby HSwMS Helsingborg HSwMS Härnösand HSwMS Nyköping HSwMS Karlstad General characteristics Type: Stealth Missile Corvette Displacement:
Stockholm Skavsta Airport - Stockholm Skavsta flygplats), or Nyköping Airport (IATA: NYO, ICAO: ESKN) is an international airport near Nyköping, Sweden, 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) northwest
Södermanland County - There is a large distance between the two main urban areas Eskilstuna and Nyköping of roughly 80 kilometres (50 mi), and vast forested areas in between. The


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