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Pampatar - Pampatar is a city on Isla Margarita, Nueva Esparta State, Venezuela. It is located in the Maneiro Municipality. Pampatar lies 10 km (6 mi) northeast
Margarita Island - eastern part of the island, which includes the large cities of Porlamar and Pampatar, along with the state capital of La Asunción. The island can be reached
Nueva Esparta - Esparta Gimnasio Ciudad de la Asunción Pampatar Sports City National High Performance Center (CNAR), Pampatar Velásquez Primitive Stadium, located in
Charles Borromeo - completed in 1684, intended to help protect settlements in the Bay of Pampatar area against the constant threat of piracy University of San Carlos in
Santiago Mariño Caribbean International Airport - Communities El Valle del Espíritu Santo Juan Griego La Asunción La Guardia Pampatar Porlamar Locations International Airport Stadium Cathedral Santa Rosa Castle
List of cities and towns in Venezuela - 256 Nueva Esparta 1545 150 La Asunción* 28,500 Nueva Esparta 1565 151 Pampatar 35,400 Nueva Esparta 1662 152 Porlamar 185,120 Nueva Esparta 1536 153 Acarigua
HSC Virgen de Coromoto - 2004–2007: Nassau 2007–2012: Tangier 2012-2013: Limassol 2013-onwards: Pampatar Builder Austal Yard number 251 Launched 6 October 2003 Completed 2004 Identification
Porlamar - View of Porlamar from Pampatar (Margarita Island).
List of football stadiums in Venezuela - la Excelencia Deportiva Internacional Colón 29 Ciudad Deportiva 4,500 Pampatar Margarita Fútbol Club 30 Cocodrilos Sport Park 3,500 Caracas Caracas Fútbol
Venezuelans of European descent - Aragua 800.90 San Cristóbal, Táchira 766.64 Cagua (Sucre), Aragua 761.63 Pampatar (Maneiro), Nueva Esparta 749.08 Venezuela portal Europe portal Demographics


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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

Posada La Mar

Posada Villa del Sol

Ikin Margarita Hotel & Spa

Costa Linda Beach

Posada Casa Rosa

Posada Sotavento Beach

Hotel Atti

Posada Guaicora

Lidotel Hotel Boutique Margarita

Hotel Patrick Porlamar

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