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Papua New Guinea - -6; 147 Papua New Guinea (PNG; /ˈpæp(j)uə ... ˈɡɪni, ˈpɑː-/, also US: /ˈpɑːpwə-, ˈpɑːpjə-, ˈpɑːpə-/; Tok Pisin: Papua Niugini; Hiri Motu: Papua Niu Gini;
Languages of Papua New Guinea - Papua New Guinea, a sovereign state in Oceania, is the most linguistically diverse country in the world. According to Ethnologue, there are 839 living
Monarchy of Papua New Guinea - monarchy of Papua New Guinea is a system of government in which a hereditary monarch is the sovereign and head of state of Papua New Guinea. The current
Economy of Papua New Guinea - The economy of Papua New Guinea is largely underdeveloped. It is dominated by the agricultural, forestry, and fishing sector and the minerals and energy
Territory of Papua and New Guinea - Territory of Papua and New Guinea was established by an administrative union between the Australian-administered territories of Papua and New Guinea in 1949
Flag of Papua New Guinea - The flag of Papua New Guinea (Tok Pisin: plak bilong Papua Niugini) was adopted on 1 July 1971. In the hoist, it depicts the Southern Cross; in the fly
New Guinea - New Guinea (Tok Pisin: Niugini; Hiri Motu: Niu Gini; Indonesian: Papua, historically Irian) is the world's second-largest island, and with an area of 785
Provinces of Papua New Guinea - For administrative purposes, Papua New Guinea is divided into administrative divisions called provinces. There are 22 province-level divisions, which include
History of Papua New Guinea - The prehistory of Papua New Guinea can be traced to about 50,000 - 60,000 years ago, when people first migrated towards the Australian continent. The written
COVID-19 pandemic in Papua New Guinea - The COVID-19 pandemic in Papua New Guinea is part of the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome


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Papua New Guinea - Map
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Papua New Guinea - Travel guide
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Papua New Guinea - Travel guide
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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

Airways Hotel Port Moresby

Holiday Inn Express PORT MORESBY

Wellness Lodge

Laguna Hotel Port Moresby

Raintree Lodge Port Moresby

Loloata Island Resort

Grand Papua Hotel

Holiday Inn Port Moresby

Citi Serviced Apartments and Motel

Crowne Plaza Port Moresby

Travel guides cities in Papua New Guinea:

Mount Hagen
Port Moresby
Tingwon Island

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Papua New Guinea
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Federated States Of Micronesia
New Caledonia
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Airports in Papua New Guinea:

Port Moresby - Port Moresby Jacksons Intl
6Km from Papua New Guinea

Kokoda - Kokoda Airport
89.7Km from Papua New Guinea

Ononge - Ononge Airport
100.1Km from Papua New Guinea

Fane - Fane Airport
104.3Km from Papua New Guinea

Woitape - Woitape Airport
105.9Km from Papua New Guinea

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