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Patonga, New South Wales - Patonga is a suburb of the Central Coast region of New South Wales, Australia, located on the north bank of the Hawkesbury River, southwest of Woy Woy
Pearl Beach, New South Wales - Woy Shire Council objecting to the Council's decision to build a road to Patonga which would not go through Pearl Beach. A petition against the proposal
Central Coast Ferries - in 2006. In May 2016, a monthly service was introduced from Gosford to Patonga. As at March 2018, Central Coast Ferries operated three vessels: MV Codock
Dangar Island - Suburbs around Dangar Island: Mooney Mooney City of Gosford City of Gosford Wisemans Ferry Dangar Island Patonga Brooklyn Pittwater Palm Beach
Wondabyne railway station - mainly used by bushwalkers on the Great North Walk or the Wondabyne to Patonga walking track and the homeowners who live on the other side of Mullet Creek
Little Wobby, New South Wales - 22 km (14 mi) SW of Gosford 10 km (6 mi) SW of Woy Woy LGA(s)Central Coast CouncilParishPatongaState electorate(s)GosfordFederal Division(s)Robertson
Brooklyn, New South Wales - Localities around Brooklyn: Berowra Heights Mooney Mooney Patonga Berowra Heights Brooklyn Dangar Island Berowra Berowra Berowra
Woy Woy railway station - & Wagstaffe 64: to Kincumber & Erina Fair Stand 5 54: to Pearl Beach & Patonga 57: to Umina West & Castle Circuit 58: to Woy Woy Bay Bureau of Transport
Palm Beach, New South Wales - Hawkesbury River Cruises runs a ferry service from Palm Beach wharf to Patonga. Barrenjoey Road provides access by bus or car. Bus routes servicing Palm
Woy Woy, New South Wales - 79 km (49 mi) NNE of Sydney 12 km (7 mi) S of Gosford LGA(s)Central Coast CouncilParishPatongaState electorate(s)GosfordFederal Division(s)Robertson


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