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Phuket province - Phuket (/ˌpuːˈkɛt/; Thai: ภูเก็ต, [pʰūː.kèt] (listen), Malay: Bukit or Tongkah) is one of the southern provinces (changwat) of Thailand. It consists of
Phuket (city) - 88806; 98.39750 Phuket (/puːˈkɛt/ poo-KET; Thai: เทศบาลนครภูเก็ต or ภูเก็ต, pronounced [pʰūː.kèt]) is a city in the southeast of Phuket Island, Thailand
Phuket International Airport - airport serving the Phuket Province of Thailand. It is in the north of Phuket Island, 32 kilometres (20 mi) from the centre of Phuket City. The airport
Phuket Beer - Phuket Lager Beer is an Asian beer brand founded in 2002 in Thailand. The beer is brewed with premium German hops and Thai jasmine rice. Phuket Beer was
Phuket Big Buddha - Phuket Big Buddha, or The Great Buddha of Phuket, is a seated Maravija Buddha statue in Phuket, Thailand. The official name is Phra Phutta Ming Mongkol
Phuket Old Town - The Old Town is an area of historical interest in the city of Phuket. The main streets of Old Town are Thalang, Phang Nga, Krabi, Dibuk, and Yoawarat.
Phuket Air - Phuket Air (Phuket Airlines Co. Ltd) was an airline based in Bangkok, Thailand. The airline specialised in leasing its fleet of Boeing 747 and 737 aircraft
Phuket (disambiguation) - up Phuket in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Phuket is an island province off the south-west coast of Thailand. Phuket may also refer to: Phuket (city)
Phuket cuisine - Phuket cuisine is from Phuket, Thailand and has Chinese, Malaysian, and Thai influences. Bee-Pang is a crispy rice cut into a solid rectangle with sweet
Phi Phi Islands - pʰīː.pʰīː]) are an island group in Thailand between the large island of Phuket and the Straits of Malacca coast of Thailand. The islands are administratively


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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

Baan Phu Prana Boutique Villa

Trisara Hotel Phuket

Andara Resort Villas Phuket

Chez Charly Bungalow

The Shore At Katathani

Ananas Phuket Hostel

Point Yamu Resort by Como

Villareal Heights Boutique Hotel Phuket

Surin Beach Resort Cherngtalay

The Serenity Golf Hotel & Residence Phuket

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