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Riccione - Riccione (Italian pronunciation: [ritˈtʃoːne]; Romagnol: Arciôn [arˈtsoːŋ]) is a comune in the Province of Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy. As of
A.S.D. Riccione 1929 - Dilettantistica Riccione 1929 is an Italian football club located in Riccione, Emilia-Romagna. It currently plays in Serie D. Riccione was founded in 1929
Madhu Sapre - 14 years, after which the courts acquitted the accused. Sapre lives in Riccione, a small town on the east coast of Italy with her husband, Italian businessman
Real Rimini F.C. - of the team go back to 1929 when the former Valleverde Riccione F.C. was founded in Riccione. In summer of 2010 its sports title of Serie D was moved
John Wick (film) - The Hollywood Reporter. June 10, 2014. Retrieved June 10, 2014. "Cinema: Riccione, listino M2 dall'horror al romance con un film per tutti". Areezzo Web
George Clooney - presented by the UNHCR, Ilaria Alpi Journalistic Television Award based in Riccione, Italy, Milano Doc Festival, and the Human Rights Nights Film Festival
Paolo Zavallone - Paolo Zavallone (Riccione, August 29, 1932) is an Italian singer and composer, most known as El Pasador. In 1977 recorded song Amada Mia, Amore Mio, peaked
2019 Giro d'Italia - Lido to Pesaro 239 km (149 mi) Hilly stage  Caleb Ewan (AUS) 9 19 May Riccione to San Marino (San Marino) 34.8 km (22 mi) Individual time trial  Primož
Steve Peters (psychiatrist) - San Sebastian 200 m 2005 San Sebastian 400 m 2007 Riccione 200 m 2007 Riccione 100 m 2007 Riccione 400 m World Masters Athletics Championships (M55) 2009
Trolleybuses in Rimini - filoviaria di Rimini), also known as the Rimini–Riccione trolleybus line (Italian: Filovia Rimini–Riccione), forms part of the public transport network of


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