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Rijswijk - neighbourhood, built on the lands of the former Ypenburg Airfield but this part of Rijswijk was annexed by The Hague in 2002. Rijswijk is part of the Haaglanden conurbation
The Hague - centre, for the most part, built in the 20th and 21st century. The area used to be part of Rijswijk, until the municipality of The Hague bought the land in
Rijswijk railway station - Rijswijk is a railway station located in Rijswijk in the suburbs of The Hague, Netherlands. The station was opened on 3 June 1847 and is located on the
Laak, The Hague - Sciences can be found in Laak. The municipality of The Hague bought the area from the municipality of Rijswijk in 1844. The Amsterdam–Haarlem–Rotterdam railway
The 'Laakmolen' near The Hague - visit Vincent at The Hague and together they had walked to a mill at Rijswijk (presumed to be the Laakmolen, one of just two at Rijswijk) where they drank
Netherlands Forensic Institute - 1999, the two laboratories merged into the Nederlands Forensisch Instituut (Netherlands Forensic Institute). The laboratory was based in Rijswijk until
Den Haag HS railway station - Rijswijk. Lacking the people to manage law enforcement around the station, Rijswijk ceded the land to the municipality of The Hague. The railway station
International Patent Institute - led in practice to the creation of the branch of the European Patent Office (EPO) at Rijswijk in The Netherlands (a suburb of The Hague). This branch still
List of tunnels in the Netherlands - tunnels at Best, Rijswijk Sophiaspoortunnel, part of Betuweroute Schipholtunnel (railroad near Amsterdam Airport) Velsertunnel under the North Sea Canal
The Hague dialect - Laakkwartier Rijswijk and Voorburg are for the most part Haags-speaking. Scheveningen has its own dialect (Schevenings), which is different than the traditional


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