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Tren Urbano - permanently coupled pairs (6 vehicles). The stations in the system are: Sagrado Corazón (Sagrado Corazón) Hato Rey (Golden Mile / José Miguel Agrelot
Academia del Sagrado Corazón (Puerto Rico) - The Academia del Sagrado Corazón ("Sacred Heart Academy") was founded in 1929 as a private and religious school in Santurce, Puerto Rico by Padre Ignacio
Puerto Rico Metropolitan Bus Authority - 27, municipal buses TU Piñero Bus Terminal: E40, T4, T8, T41, 26 TU Sagrado Corazón Bus Terminal: E10, T2, T3, T9, T21, 1, 15, 22, 35, 36, 45, municipal
Roque Gallart - radio station where his father worked, 95X, in the Puerto Rican city of Bayamon. He studied communications at Universidad del Sagrado Corazon in Santurce
Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico - Santurce there is a rapid transit system called Tren Urbano. The Sagrado Corazón terminal station is located in the southeast section of the district in the
List of college sports team nicknames - (Syracuse, New York) College of Mount Saint Vincent (Riverdale, New York) Sagrado Corazón (San Juan, Puerto Rico) Shoreline (Shoreline, Washington) San Francisco
San Juan Police Department - neighborhoods of Las Casas, Merhoff, Herrera, Las Plamas, Monteflores, Sagrado Corazon, Maria Mozco, Chicarro, Seboruco and Pulguero. It also has a Community
The Amazing Race 16 - (Onces y Cabañas Bellavista (in Spanish)) Puerto Varas (Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús – Gruta de la Virgen) In the first Detour of the Race, teams
COVID-19 pandemic in Puerto Rico - universities including University of Puerto Rico, Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, Ana G. Méndez University
Medellín - Colombo Britanico, El Corazonista School, Marymount School, Montemayor Sagrado Corazon, Montessori School, Colegio Fontán, Gimnasio Los Pinares, Gimnasio


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Condado Vanderbilt Hotel

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