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Schellenberg - Schellenberg is a municipality in the lowland area of Liechtenstein, on the banks of the Rhine. As of 2017[update], it has a population of 1,090 and covers
Walter Schellenberg - Walter Friedrich Schellenberg (16 January 1910 – 31 March 1952) was a German SS functionary during the Nazi era. He rose through the ranks of the SS, becoming
August Schellenberg - August Werner Schellenberg (July 25, 1936 – August 15, 2013) was a Canadian-born actor. He was noted for his film work as Chief Powhatan in The New World
Schellenberg (surname) - Schellenberg is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: August Schellenberg (1936-2013), Canadian-born Métis actor Glenn Schellenberg, Canadian
Lordship of Schellenberg - The Lordship of Schellenberg (German: Herrschaft Schellenberg) was a historic state of the Holy Roman Empire, now located in the Principality of Liechtenstein
The Black Book - 2017.Schellenberg, p. 175 Schellenberg, p. 177 Schellenberg, p. 181 Schellenberg, p. 186 Schellenberg, p. 187 Schellenberg, p. 191 Schellenberg, p. 192
List of castles in Liechtenstein - Castle, Balzers Obere Burg (Burg Neu-Schellenberg), Schellenberg Untere Burg (Burg Alt-Schellenberg), Schellenberg Schalun Castle (Wildschloss), Vaduz
Katharina Schellenberg - Katharina Lohrenz Schellenberg (1870 - January 1, 1945) was an American Mennonite medical missionary of Russian birth. Schellenberg was born in the village
Keith Schellenberg - Clifford Keith Wain Schellenberg (born 13 March 1929) is a British businessman and former Winter Olympian. He was known for his legal disputes related
Operation Willi - kidnap the Windsors. Hitler personally assigned Walter Schellenberg to handle the operation. Schellenberg, who was awarded the Iron Cross for his role in the


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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

Krone Speicher

Penthouse Apartment in Vaduz

Pension Brunhilde

Park Hotel Sonnenhof Vaduz

Gasthaus Alpenblick

Hotel Restaurant Schlossli Sax

Hotel Stump's Alpenrose

Hotel Hecht Appenzell

Residence Hotel Vaduz

B_smart Motel

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