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Schladming - 2016) for Schladming. UCI Announcement for Relocation of Worldcup, UCI, retrieved 2010-04-11  Schladming Mountainbike Worldcup in Schladming Pictures
Anna Veith - victory came in March 2013 in Germany. At the 2013 World Championships in Schladming, Austria, Veith won bronze in the giant slalom. In the alpine skiing World
Mitterberg - Mitterberg is a municipality in the district of Liezen in Styria, Austria. Statistik Austria - Bevölkerung zu Jahresbeginn 2002-2016 nach Gemeinden
Pruggern - Pruggern lies in the Enns valley between Gröbming and Aich east of Schladming and not far from the entrance to the Sölk Pass. Statistik Austria
Hauser Kaibling - Hauser Kaibling is a ski area located within the Planai ski area. Coordinates: 47°22′25″N 13°46′43″E / 47.3736°N 13.7786°E / 47.3736; 13.7786
Schladming Tauern - Tauern Pass in the west. The name comes from the town of Schladming in the Enns valley. The Schladming Tauern border on the following other mountain ranges
Sölk Pass - Sölk Pass (el. 1788 m.) is a high mountain pass in the Austrian Alps in the Bundesland of Styria. It crosses the Niedere Tauern and connects the Mur River
Plattenspitze (Schladming Tauern) - the territory of the municipality of Tweng. Its summit lies within the Schladming Tauern range and is usually traversed by climbers making for the Gamskarlspitze
Aich, Styria - Aich is a municipality in the district of Liezen in Styria, Austria. Statistik Austria - Bevölkerung zu Jahresbeginn 2002-2016 nach Gemeinden (Gebietsstand
Krakau - Krakauschatten were merged. Krakau lies on a high plateau in the south of the Schladming Tauern. Statistik Austria - Bevölkerung zu Jahresbeginn 2002-2016


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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

Pension Bergbauernhof Irxner Pichl-Preunegg

Haus Deutinger

Mein Neubergerhof Feriengut & Hotel

Landhaus Koller Gosau

Hotel Planaiblick

Haus Petersmann

Zirngast Hotel Schladming

Appartement Aktivia

Apartment Hinkerhof

Hotel Rigele Royal

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Ramsau am Dachstein
Haus im Ennstal
Altenmarkt im Pongau
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