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Schladming - 2016) for Schladming. UCI Announcement for Relocation of Worldcup, UCI, retrieved 2010-04-11  Schladming Mountainbike Worldcup in Schladming Pictures
Henrik Kristoffersen - the Schladming night race. Kristoffersen is the first skier to win the four classic slalom races (of Adelboden, Wengen, Kitzbühel, and Schladming) in
Steve Mahre - won the gold medal in giant slalom at the 1982 World Championships in Schladming, Austria. His best finish in the overall standings was third in 1982 and
Schladming Tauern - Tauern Pass in the west. The name comes from the town of Schladming in the Enns valley. The Schladming Tauern border on the following other mountain ranges
Ragnhild Mowinckel - collected her first World Cup points with a 25th place in giant slalom in Schladming in March. At a World Cup event in St. Moritz in December 2012, she improved
Sofia Goggia - named to the Italian women's team for the 2013 World Championships in Schladming, Austria. She capitalized on the opportunity and posted two top ten finishes:
Ursula Konzett - Olympics (in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia). Bronze medal in slalom 1982 (in Schladming, Austria). Bronze medal in giant slalom 6th overall in the 1982 Alpine
Planai - Planai is a ski area in central Austria, the main mountain in the Schladming area in Styria. It is one of four adjoining mountains, which includes Hauser
Ted Ligety - He successfully defended his world title in giant slalom in 2013 in Schladming, Austria, where he also won an unexpected gold medal in the super-G and
2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games - city for the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games would be Graz and Schladming in Styria, Austria. The opening and closing ceremonies were broadcast


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Pension Bergbauernhof Irxner Pichl-Preunegg

Haus Deutinger

Mein Neubergerhof Feriengut & Hotel

Landhaus Koller Gosau

Hotel Planaiblick

Haus Petersmann

Zirngast Hotel Schladming

Appartement Aktivia

Apartment Hinkerhof

Hotel Rigele Royal

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Ramsau am Dachstein
Haus im Ennstal
Altenmarkt im Pongau
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