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Stanwell - Stanwell is an urban and suburban village located in the Surrey borough of Spelthorne, 16 miles (26 km) WSW of Charing Cross and centred 1⁄2 mile (800 m)
Church of St Mary, Stanwell - The Church of St Mary the Virgin, Stanwell is a Church of England parish church in the village of Stanwell, Surrey. It dates to the 12th-century and is
Stanwell Moor - Stanwell Moor is a rural and suburban clustered settlement, informally known as a village, in Surrey, England, immediately east of the M25 London Orbital
Stanwell (disambiguation) - Stanwell is a village in England. Stanwell may also refer to: Stanwell, Queensland, a town in Australia Stanwell Moor Stanwell Park, New South Wales
Mary Stuart (1605–1607) - Plot from happening remained in history. On 1 June 1605, Mary was sent to Stanwell, Middlesex, to Knyvet's residence. He was given £20 per week for the infant
Ashford, Surrey - air freight – the main cargo depot being next to an adjoining village, Stanwell. More usually referred to as Ashford, Middlesex to distinguish it from
Thomas Knyvet, 1st Baron Knyvet - widow of Richard Warren of Claybury, Essex. He was granted the manor of Stanwell in 1603. He was knighted in 1604. Knyvet was the most active intervener
Stanwell Place - Stanwell Place was a manor house and associated estate and tenant farms, located to the west of the village of Stanwell, Middlesex. During the early part
Spelthorne - and borough in Surrey, England. It contains the towns and villages of Ashford, Laleham, Shepperton, Staines-upon-Thames, Stanwell and Sunbury-on-Thames
Colnbrook - are near the village. To the east is Longford, London, and Bedfont and Stanwell which abut the south of London Heathrow Airport. Colnbrook with Poyle is


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