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Stavanger - Stavanger (/stəˈvæŋər/, also UK: /stæˈ-/, US usually /stɑːˈvɑːŋər, stəˈ-/, Norwegian: [stɑˈvɑ̀ŋər] (listen)) is a city and municipality in Norway. It
Stavanger Cathedral - Stavanger Cathedral (Norwegian: Stavanger domkirke) is Norway's oldest cathedral and the seat of the Bishop of Stavanger who leads the Diocese of Stavanger
Stavanger IF - Stavanger Idrettsforening (SIF) was founded in 1905. SIF became an alliance club in 1998, and has divisions for association football, boxing, handball
Stavanger Airport, Sola - Stavanger Airport, Sola (Norwegian: Stavanger lufthavn, Sola; IATA: SVG, ICAO: ENZV) is an international airport located serving Stavanger, a city and
University of Stavanger - Stavanger (Universitetet i Stavanger) is a university located in Stavanger, Norway. UiS was established in 2005 when the former Høgskolen i Stavanger
Greater Stavanger - Coordinates: 59°N 6°E / 59°N 6°E / 59; 6 Greater Stavanger Region is a statistical metropolitan region in the county of Rogaland in southwestern Norway
Stavanger University Hospital - Stavanger Universitetssjukehus (Stavanger University Hospital) is located in the neighborhood of Våland in Stavanger, Norway. Stavanger University Hospital
United Kingdom - Mark (14 January 2008). "A tale of two cities of culture: Liverpool vs Stavanger". The Independent. London. Retrieved 2 August 2009. "Glasgow gets city
Viking Stavanger - Viking Stavanger may refer to: IL Viking, a defunct multi-sports club from Stavanger and its former departments: Viking FK, an association football club
Stavanger/Sandnes - Stavanger/Sandnes is the third largest urban area in Norway. It consists of the densely built-up areas in the municipalities of Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola


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Scandic Stavanger Airport

Tananger Apartment Hotel

Scandic Stavanger Park

Clarion Hotel Energy

Clarion Hotel Stavanger

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Stavanger

Stavanger Vandrerhjem St Svithun

Scandic Stavanger City

Comfort Hotel Square


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