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Triesen - Triesen is the third largest of Liechtenstein's municipalities. It contains several historic churches dating from the fifteenth century. It also has a
FC Triesen - FC Triesen is a Liechtensteiner football club that plays in Triesen. It is one of the seven official teams in the nation, and it plays in the Swiss Football
Women's football in Liechtenstein - third club to be created was FC Triesen. It was founded in 1996. When FC Ruggel dissolved in 2008, it left FC Triesen as the only senior women's club
Landtag of Liechtenstein - Ruggell and Schellenberg; Oberland consists of Balzers, Planken, Schaan, Triesen, Triesenberg and Vaduz. The current President of the Landtag (Speaker)
Liechtenstein Football Cup - 1945–46 FC Triesen 3–1 FC Vaduz 1946–47 FC Triesen 2–0 FC Vaduz 1947–48 FC Triesen 4–2 FC Vaduz 1948–49 FC Vaduz 2–1 FC Triesen 1949–50 FC Triesen 3–2 FC
Liechtenstein - Unterland (the lower county), and the remainder (Balzers, Planken, Schaan, Triesen, Triesenberg, and Vaduz) within Oberland (the upper county). Despite its
Liechtenstein Football Championship - 1932: FC Vaduz (unofficial) 1934: FC Triesen 1935: FC Triesen 1936: FC Vaduz 1937: FC Triesen Winners: (5) 3 FC Triesen (1934, 1935, 1937) 2 FC Vaduz (1932
Sportanlage Blumenau - Blumenau is a football stadium in Triesen, Liechtenstein. It has a capacity of 2,100 and is the home of FC Triesen. List of football stadiums in Liechtenstein
Geography of Liechtenstein - 53083 (Rhine (North)) South - summit of Mazorakopf/Falknishorn (2,452 m), Triesen 47°2′55″N 9°33′26″E / 47.04861°N 9.55722°E / 47.04861; 9.55722 (Mazerakopf
Niklas Kieber - currently plays for FC Triesenberg. Kieber began his career in 2000 with FC Triesen. He was a member of the Liechtenstein national under-21 football team and


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